BBQ and Football

I love this time of year for two reasons, bbq and football games.  Most of you probably think I am a big gambler like most of laotian guys out there.  I do not have that kind of cash flow to be dumping on football games every weekends.  Although, I am on 2 paid fantasy leagues that cost me $60 for the whole football season.  I did not have a good start on both leagues, but looks like I will win on both leagues this weekend.  I was cheering for my beloved team today, we came so close to win it and be 3-0..  It was a heart broken to loose a game on the last play and with 7 second left on the clock.

Check out what I had cooked up today..  Teriyaki Gourmet Burger anyone??


some pineapple.. jalapenos…  mushrooms and red onion in aluminum foil..


sirloin hamburger patty from costco


oh yea.. toasted buns too 🙂


here it is… finish product!!! so gooooooooooddddddddddd..

next weekend probably bbq some tri-tip..


5 thoughts on “BBQ and Football

  1. Nye

    I’m not into football at all, I don’t understand the game and just don’t get it. But your Teriyaki Gourmet Burger looks good, I never had one with pineapple before, I need to fix me some. Do you marinate your hamburger Pattie?

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye, sabaidee der!! That’s okay, I don’t know many women that are into football either. What about Bo? Does he watch football at all?

      No, I didn’t marinate my hamburger patty at all. I just throw the patties on the grill and splash some “Montreal Seasoning” on it. After I flipped the patties, I would splash some seasoning on other side as well. I’ll let it cook for about 3 or 4 minutes before taking all the patties into a bowl of Teriyaki sauce. Make sure all the patties are well soaked with the sauce and throw it back to the grill. Close the cover for few minutes to let is cook with the sauce on it.

      The caramelize of grill pineapple gives you this sweet flavor and goes perfectly with Teriyaki flavor as well. Oh dang, I sounds like a guy from cooking channel. hahahhahahah

      1. Nye

        Bo is the typical Lao guy, minus the Padek part, and I like to make Tum Mak Houng with Padek, so we go well together as you can see. Bo is into Football and anything that you can bet on, but since we got married he sort of slow down because he knows that I don’t like gambling, but I think he still does it on the low profile, sort of like what you don’t know won’t hurt you sort of thing. One thing I learned, you can’t change people, and I have no intention of changing him.

        You do sound like the guy in the food channel, I’ll give the pineapple a try.

  2. doorkeywon

    That is a very beautiful burger. I never would have thought to put grilled pineapple and mushrooms on the same burger.


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