Typhoon Ketsana

After reading all the terrible news about Typhoon Ketsana, which killed 240+ people in Philippine and 20+ in Vietnam.  Ketsana is now heading into Laos.  I called my aunt in Laos this morning to check on her and my grandparents.  She said their government had advice people to take precaution measures.  The local government tv reported that Ketsana path will be between Thakhek to north of Savannakhet.  Let’s hope and pray that the damage in Laos will be minimal.


2 thoughts on “Typhoon Ketsana

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, it is scary and alot of those folks are middle of nowhere. It might take awhile to get helps, if anything ever to happen. Let’s hope that Typhoon Ketsana strength will decrease to be nothing but typical storm. It projected to go through Laos on late Sept. 30 and early part of Oct. 1st.


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