Things That I Love About Laos….

I pretty much love everything about Laos.  Here are some of the things I miss Laos right now.  Since, Nye been wanting me to share the photos and blog about it.

On my last trip, I am so glad I had the chance to participate in given alms to the monks.  It was tough getting up at 5 am on vacation, but was well worth it.  These photo was taken in Luangprabang during the Lao New Year and I got to do what the locals been doing for many years.  After the morning alms, most locals would hike the staircase of Phou See to leave offerings along the steps.




That’s me in blue shirt:-).


I miss a place like this…  watching the sunset while eating your meal.  This particular location is in Savanhnakhet, few kilometers south of the Lao-Thai bridge.


Lastly, I miss having some nice cold beerlao with bunch of good friends.  I’m really thirsty for some beerlao right now:-).


15 thoughts on “Things That I Love About Laos….

  1. Nye

    Seeharhed, thanks sharing your photos. It’s good to see photos from Laos, it must be fun being there for the Lao New Year, maybe more photos of the event. 🙂

    I like having meal by the Mekong River, my dad and I did that when we were in Vientiane, looks very romantic, but not for us though. 🙂

  2. seeharhed Post author

    Nye, you’re welcome:-). Lao New Year is probably the most festive time to be in Laos. I’ll try to dig up some more photos of the event.

    I did not like the location of all those outdoor restaurants in Vientaine. It is too crowded and lack of public restrooms. I much prefer Savanhnakhet and Luangprabang 🙂

    1. Nye

      I like watching people, so I don’t mind crowded places. I actually didn’t mind eating on the side of the road either, even at a small Vietnamese noodle stall at Paksan morning market, it’s an experienced that I never had growing up, and my dad and I would walk to Talat Sao every morning to have our breakfast there, it’s kind of nice imo. I think as long as it’s hot when you eat it, such as hot noodles dish, hot coffee or Tea, then you’ll be all right. I didn’t get sick the whole time I was there.

      1. seeharhed Post author

        Nye, I notices that about you:-). You’re a people watcher. LOL. I should blog about my last bus ride from Vientaine to Savanhnakhet, it was an experienced that I’ll never forget. hahahah

        Oh! speaking of breakfast in Laos, I love “kaow piek sen”. I can eat kaow piek everyday and probably for every meals too. When I was in Vientaine, my usual routine was.. I would be up by 8:30 or 9:00 am, walk few blocks to eat some kaow piek for breakfast. Always 2 bowls :-), the owner even know what I like.. The first time I asked for 2nd bowl, he thought I wanted it for to go. I’m a big eater. LOL

  3. Nye

    I think they gave a small portion, I had a bowl of Kaow Piek and 2 sticks of Kaow Gee marinated with eggs (grilled sticky rice) and the guy that sold Kaow Gee said, “Wow gin bued nor” Then we had to go get our coffee in a different part of Talat Sao so that he wouldn’t see us, kind of embarrassing. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Well, this place gave okay portion but I’m a big eater:-). That’s one reason I miss Laos, because of the foods. I really need to make the trip soon:-).

    1. seeharhed Post author

      sabaidee ladyofdarkness, thanks for stopping by :-). You should go back and visit the motherland. I’m pretty sure you’ll never forget that moment, that feelings when the plane about to touch Laos soil. The feelings I had at that moment was so incredible overwhelm. Since then, I’ve been back like 4 different times and I still feels the same way each times.

      I hope to save up enough $$ for me to go back in Jan. or Feb.

  4. Victor

    We witnessed the morning alm twice during our stay in LP this past week. It was the most serene and peaceful moment ever experienced at 6am in the morning. Lucky to see it twice – first day when weather was perfectly fine and lovely, and last day when it was raining fast and all were carrying an umbrella. But didn’t know about the walk up the Phou See hill.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Hello Victor, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you got to witness the morning alms. Perhaps you can a part of it, you can gives just about anything. It doesn’t have to be the sticky rice like most locals do. Things had changed a lot within the past 10 years, due to more and more tourists heard about Luangprabang. I’m afraid my beloved town will turn Chiangmai, Thailand pretty soon. It will lost that magic touch and will just be another tourist town.

      How long are you vacationing in Laos? Got a chance to head south to Savanhnakhet?? or Pakse yet?? If you’re going to Savanhnahkhet, make sure to stop by Lao Lao Der!! Those last 2 pictures above is where Lao Lao Der located.

  5. Cambree

    Looks like you had a great time in Laos. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Have you seen Anthony Bourdain when he went to Laos?

    I really liked the show. The Lao translator seem like a nice and respectful guy too.

    Laos They will be eating Lao noodles for breakfast.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree, I’ve always enjoyed my time in Laos. I can’t get enough of Laos and there are places that I never been to yet.

      Yes, I’ve seen Anthony episode in Laos like 3 times and at that show I get to different side of Anthony. Most of his shows are some what wild, drinking, eating and swears a lot. The show from Laos, he was very humble and was touch by the people. He got to see on first hand, all those bombs that American dropped in Laos still had an effect on our people.

      The laotian translator did a great job and sounds like he was school in UK. He had that slight British accent. That scene of them eating noodle at the market was taped in Northern part of Laos by Xieng Kwang. I wish he had shoot more scenes in Vientaine or Vung Vieng but he didn’t.

      When I was in Laos, I would have the noodle for breakfast almost daily.

      1. Dallas

        I had high hope for the episode but I was disappointed. I felt he barely begin to scratch the surface of Lao cuisine. It is unfortunate about the UXO but I don’t think we get tourists to go to Laos to see UXO. This would have been a great advertisement for tourism. If he had spend more time on the people, places, food, and more food, it would have been a success.
        I saw 2 episodes which he went to Vietnam and I was a little jealous. Did you see those 2 episodes? Whoever coordinate the filming deserve a raise.
        The tour guide that was showing Anthony around probably a Lao-French. He speak English with French accent I thought.

  6. eerenoon

    I only visit Lao if I go back to Udon. Well, I love the tradition of the people there where most of the ladies are still wearing their traditional costumes. Unlike in Thailand, only on certain festivals we can see that.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      sabaidee eerenoon, thanks for stopping by. I’ve only been to Udon once, went to that big shopping mall that most lao folks likes to go to. At that particular day, I wasn’t enjoying anything. I had a bad diarrhea and I was so miserable the whole day. LOL


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