What a storm..

I left work early today to come inspect if there’s any damages done by the storm.  It was so windy (45+ mph) and the rain was coming down so hard.  The news station said today storm is the worse October storm since 1962.  Few places recorded over 3.5 inches of rain within the past 24 hrs.  I saw good portion of my neighbor’s backyard wood fence tumble over to the ground.  Although, the portion of fence that divided our property line is still standing.

The crape myrtle tree in front of the house had few limbs snapped off.  It is going to be a messy clean up job.

The street is flooded and I knew this day will come sooner.  For the past month, I’ve watching my neighbor blowing all the leaf into this one drainage inlet in front of his house.  I don’t know what he was thinking?  I guess is one of those thing, out of site out of mind.


I took these pictures with my cell phone, sorry for the blur..


The good news is…   This storm is heading out to the Sierra Nevada and out of CA.  Tomorrow forecast for light rain, which is nice for a change.


2 thoughts on “What a storm..

  1. Nye

    I’m not a fan of storms, but I do like the benefit of the rains. We’ve had so much rain lately, it’s good for the garden and grass, but the bad part is that I can’t go out and work in my garden at all.

    In your case, good excuse to come home early. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye, I spend good part of yesterday afternoon cleaning up my front lawn. Normally, we do not get much of the rain during the month of October. I’m glad it is over and hopefully no more big storm coming our way.


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