2nd Marriage!!!

I’ve been invited to a long distance relative wedding, it will be his second marriage and for her too.  I’m not overly thrill nor looking forward to this coming weekend.  This might be the first laotian wedding that I’ll be attending where both bride and groom are divorced.  It is weird to say the least.  If I was in their shoes, I probably just head up to Reno or Las Vegas for a cheap marriage license.

I don’t even know what to give them…  and I’m pretty sure they are not registered at any department stores.  Cash it is… I guess:-)


4 thoughts on “2nd Marriage!!!

  1. Nye

    Isn’t it twice the charm? I guess you’ve to think that people deserve a second chance of happiness in life and I do have to give them the credit for making it right in their own way, I’m sure they’ll have plenty of Lao foods. 🙂

    I think money would be very appropriate for a Lao wedding.

  2. seeharhed Post author

    Nye, it must be twice the charm for them… I guess:-). Yes, I do agree with you that everyone deserve a second chance of happiness. But!!! Most of divorces wedding are usually very small.

    Oh yes, that’s one thing I can count on… good lao foods and plenty of alcohol. hahahha I have to find myself a designated driver :-).

    1. seeharhed Post author

      yep!!! i’ll get to enjoy some of lao foods and lots of adult beverages. i have to find myself a date for this wedding so she can drive me back.. hahahha


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