SEA Games Golf Club

As an avid golfer, I am happy that Laos just open up brand new championship course.  The grand opening ceremony was held on Tuesday 27th of this month.  This course will be the main competition site for SEA Games of golf.  Thanks to Booyoung Lao Co., Ltd(Korean company) for building it, otherwise it will be impossible.  I’ve been following this particular golf course construction for almost 2 years now.  As many of you know, it is hard to get any news from Laos and especially if it is negative one – forget about it!  The original contract was award to lao construction company, whom started the ground work but never got far.  Shortly after, they abandoned the site and the Korean took over the construction.  The lao government gave the Booyoung Lao Co., Ltd 50 years lease and eventually will turn it over to Laos.  Hopefully, they will get all their investment back by then.  Once they open to the public, I’m not sure what the price of green fee they will be charging.  I’m guessing around $40 to $50 per round, including a caddy.



Is that American flag on far left of the picture?  I can’t find other pictures to confirm it.


One thing I notices right a way is…  how steep the slope of this ramp.  It is impossible for anyone with wheelchair trying to get up on that slope.  Since, Laos doesn’t really have a building codes and no handicap advocacy group to complain about.  They can pretty much build it without following any codes.


The course itself looks pretty nice.  As of right now, only 1 course are ready for play and eventually will be 36 holes course.  I am looking forward to tee it off at this course.  I can’t wait, perhaps I can post my pictures from course later on.

I stole these pictures from by seagamesgolfclub 🙂





15 thoughts on “SEA Games Golf Club

  1. Nye

    Seeharhed, looks quiet impressive, but I’d think that only the rich and tourists would be able to golf here. The flag that you’re talking about looks to me like a Liberia flag, very much like the American stripes, but I don’t see the many stars, but only one.

    I see that the SEA game is pushing Laos to have so many things that we didn’t have before, perhaps growing too fast in such a short time, this can’t be healthy for the overall Lao economy in the near future. What happens after the game?

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye, it is pretty impressive by looking at all the pictures. You’re right!! Most golfers in Laos are high ranking officials and the tourists. I’ve played at two other courses around Vientiane and none of those courses looks anything like this one.

      Thanks for the link of the flag. I wasn’t even aware that Liberia flag is so similar to the U.S. flag.

      For the past 2 years, Laos been pushing hard to build golf course, stadiums, housing for athletics, and other facilities. All with other countries helped to pitch in building it. The most controversial deals that sparks an out cried from lao citizen was… China will help funds and build the main stadium for Laos and they want to build a Chinatown near ThatLuang that will holds 50,000 chinese.

      My personal opinion, I don’t think Laos is ready to host this huge of an event. It is so much works going into hosting an event like this one. Perhaps they should focus on upgrade the roads, sewage treatment plants, and water treatment plants first. That would be another blog for this topic.

  2. Victor

    What an amazing golf course! Doesn’t surprise me that it was a Korean project. I heard there are other big Korean projects in the area, including a big resort in Luang Prabang.

    1. seeharhed Post author


      Yes!!! This course has that major championship looks to it. Although, I haven’t seen the layout and length of it yet.

      The Korean has been investing a lot of $$$ in Laos in the past couple years. I’m not sure the status of that mega resort that they are building in Luangprabang.

  3. Vinanh

    it is quiet impressive. That should bring few tourists and job for the people who live there. Maybe one of these day I will come to visit and play few round there….Look really nice there.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Vinanh, Yes!! Hopefully, it will boost the local economy and provides the locals with job. Go check it out, play few rounds and don’t forget to come back to tell us about it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comments.

  4. JC

    Is there any other golf courses in Laos? I heard of one which is called Laos Country club and its a nicer golf course than the sea games one! Anyone have experience playing golf there?

  5. seeharhed Post author

    As of right now, I believe there are 5 (18 holes) courses in Laos. 2 more are under constructions and both are suppose to be 5 stars resort with 18 holes golf course. One is being build by the Vietnamese just outside the capital city. The other one is being build by the Korean just outside Luangprabang. There are few practice facilities and 9 holes courses, but i wouldn’t recommended it.

    1. There are Dansavanh Golf Course and Resort near Dansavanh Casino. I’ve played this course twice and love the layout. But, the course itself was in such a bad shape due to the lack of maintaining.
    2. SEA game course
    3. 14K Golf Course, used to be the only course in town. This course just been upgrade and re-design, I heard that it is nice. I hope to play it by the end of this year.
    4. Champa Course in Pakse, I only seen pictures but never play at this course.
    5. The last one is near KhonPaPheng Waterfall, southern part of Laos near Cambodia border.

  6. JC

    I was in Vientiane January this year – mainly to play golf and we played in the following courses:
    1. Dansavanh – okay and I agree with you that its in a bad shape due to lack of interest to maintain the course – so I will give it a miss and besides, its not worth travelling that far distance to play there.

    2. Sea Games Golf course – very nice and will certainly look forward to play there again..
    3. Laos Country Club – fantastic course and because its so good, we have confirmed our trip there this coming November.

    So come this November we will play the Sea Games Course, Laos Country club and the 14k Golf course that you mentioned – to check it out. The problem here is there’s no website info on the golf courses in Laos, unlike in Thailand, you can just find out the rates and even book online. We’re just worried that when we go Laos this coming November, we might find the golf courses closed there! – hopefully its still been maintained well and we look forward to the trip.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      You are right!! There are no websites for any of those courses that I know of, you would think at this day and age they would be doing e-commerce as well.

      Sounds like a fun trip for you guys coming this November. If you get a chance to travel to Southern part of Laos, try to play that course in Pakse. I hope to be back there sometime in January or February, the boys back home can’t wait to get their revenge on me and maybe few kips as well.

  7. Anh-Minh Tran Do (@caligarn)

    Just popping in here real quick, but I don’t think that’s the Liberian flag, it’s more likely that it’s the Malaysian flag, which is also quite similar to the American flag. I think it’s Malaysia because it’s also a member of ASEAN.

  8. steve

    I just got back from Laos. I played Lao Country Club, Dansavannh and SEA Games courses. The LCG ($37.50) is a superior facility, fantastic course, incredible locker facility. Lots of variety hole to hole, undulating fairways, creative sand traps Dansavannh ($40 w/buggy) is worth it once. The shuttle is free there and back. The course is rough but a great, fun, hilly layout. Take a buggie, and there’s lots of balls on sale from local kids. SEA Games Golf Course ($36) reminds me of a Florida course, without water between holes. Flat and no two fairways adjoin so losing balls is a real possibility because it’s narrow with heavy brush bordering every fairway. Not a lot of water and not too many traps. Very much a championship style course and less of a ‘tourist’ course. Lacking something in character, lots of ‘sameness’, but in superb condition. Too bad the caddies at all courses lack knowledge. I have some helpful phone numbers if anyone needs, SEA GC is about 20KM from the monument, Laos GC is closer and not far from the bridge. There are also 2 nine hole courses, KM 14 ( I think also called Youth Garden?) And Vientiane Club, both can be located on Google Maps. There’s also at least one driving range. A GPS would be helpful if you’re adventurous and want to find you’re own way. I rented a motorcycle for 2 days and went to SEA GC, with clubs, on it. Are there any Laos readers?? On Google maps there is a course west of the airport clearly visible. I went in search and think I found the sideroad off the highway but ventured no further.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Steve, thanks for stopping by and providing all the information about different courses. I agree with you that caddies at all courses aren’t that knowledgeable about the game or details. Most of them are young and probably haven’t play as many rounds of golf anywhere. I pace all the distances myself and mostly ask them about the green.

      You asked, if there are any laos readers?? You meant the folks that lives in Laos reading this blog? If I have to guess, probably small number of folks from Laos are reading this blog. But, there are a lot of Lao/American or Lao/Canadian coming through the site. Once again, thanks for stopping by.


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