Veterans Day

Many of us probably know someone or have relatives that serves in different branch of military.  As for myself, I have 4 first cousins served in Army, Air Force, and Marine.  All of them ended their military career a year or two ago.  One served 25 years in the Army and others have at least 15 years each.  The military gave them the chance to travel and free education.  Although, our families worried for their safety when they were deploy Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

As some of you might know that one of the fallen victim of Fort Hood shooting is laotian.  His name is Kham Xiong, 23 lost his life while waiting to get a flu shoot and eyes exam prior to deploy to Afghanistan.  He left behind a wife, 3 children of his own, and 10 other siblings.  My heart and pray goes out to his family in this tough time.  I have a deep appreciation to all the veterans and can’t thanks them enough.


7 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Nye

    I saw Kham Xiong on the news, that was so tragic of what had happened, my deepest sympathy goes out to all the fallen victims of that incident and their families, and all the fallen victims that served for our country and their families.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I haven’t watch any news on television for years now. There are few channels that I watch on regular basis-mostly sports and cooking channel. I usually catch all my news from online sources.

  2. Dallas

    I see people wearing jacket already. It must be getting chilly over there. I thought it was sunshine and hot weather all the time in your neck of the woods.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Dallas, oh you’re talking about the pictures from other post? That day was a little windy and not that cold yet. Last week temperature was in the mid 60’s. I had short on with sweat shirt and it was okay. Normally the weather is pretty mild during the winter time. If you’re a golfer, this is the state to be in beside Florida and Hawaii.

      1. Dallas

        Yes. Sorry I commented it on the wrong post. I am not a golfer but I did go hit some during lunch time and play a few rounds but that was several years ago. I am not as active these days.

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