Torta Cubana Anyone???

My co-worker and I usually go eat out once a week.  We would take turns on picking the bills and who ever is buying that day usually pick the place to eat.  So, today is my turn to buy him a lunch and for some odd reason I’ve been craving mexican foods for couple days.  I normally ordered chicken enchilada lunch plate everytime we go there.  But, for some odd reason I want to try this Torta Cubana aka “mexican sandwich” today.  We were chowing down some chips and salsa while waiting for the sandwiches.  When I saw two ladies each holding a plate walking toward our table, I thought to myself… Holly S#@% this thing is HUGE!!!!  I was like, I have to take picture of this thing and blog about it.. hahahhahahah

one big sandwich..

As you can see… this thing is HUGE..  it has lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, avocado, ham, becon, big thin strip of steak and melted american cheese.

if you're counting your calories intakes.. this is not your sandwich to eat.. lol

I can only finish 1/2 of it.. hahahahha  My co-worker killed his, I was shocked how he can pack that big sandwich into his little body. hahahhahah  I need to go to the gym and run on the threadmill for few hours. hahahha


12 thoughts on “Torta Cubana Anyone???

  1. Cambree

    Tortas are one of my favorite sandwiches.

    I get mine at Baja Fresh. I thought it would be impossible to eat all of it… but it was too good. I think Baja Fresh’s version was smaller. The bread they use is really good, really soft and fresh.

  2. seeharhed Post author

    salalao – yea.. it was tough to stay awake after that big lunch. No more mexican sandwich for me at least couple months.

    Victor – you’re right!!! America is the land of super size meals. LOL That’s why there are large numbers of obese kids and adults in the U.S..

    Dallas – I can’t handle this big of sandwich for breakfast. It would just ruin my whole day. hahahha

    Cambree – I love Baja Fresh!!!! I always order a baja shrimps burrito, man it is so goooooooodddddd..

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye, are you sure? Have you ever that show “Man vs. Foods” on Travel Channel, I think. His shows are base on him taking on all these monster plate of foods.


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