Last Home Game

On Saturday night I had a chance to watch D-I Women Volleyball game.  It happen to be the final home game for this season.  My little princess future school didn’t play so well and got swept in 3 games.

the arena was pretty dead...

I'm just chillin... enjoying the game

This is part of my cheap entertainment for the weekend..


9 thoughts on “Last Home Game

  1. seeharhed Post author

    ladyofdarkness – Thanks!!! I guess it is true what they said about women and shoes:-). lol I’m probably as worse as women when comes to shoes… I have too many.. hahah

    Nye – I totally agree. Usually there are a lot of people showing up for final home game to see all the seniors playing their last college match. As for watching volleyball or player, I disagree with you. hahahahha 🙂

    Dallas – Wash my shoes?? lol I need to get them dirty first. This is my favorite pair of jean..

    eerenoon – They used to have cheerleaders team but I didn’t see them that night. Although, they have a dance squad out jumping around during timeouts and in between games. There are two asian gals on the team and pretty hot too :-).

    1. salalao

      First year of college I joined a volleyball team. We lose all the games 😦
      I love to play vollyball especially on the sandy beach. I played in Laos “the sandy mekong river” it was fun.
      Harsh words from the ladies- shoes, pant what’s next? It’s hard to get rid of some clothes that’s comfortable. I have an old t-shirt from college I refused to thrown out the neck colloar are all torns and stains.

      1. seeharhed Post author

        salalao, wow! you were on the team. Which college is that, if you don’t mind me asking:-).

        They were just joking around about my shoes and jean.

      2. salalao

        We loss every game !! let’s just said is in the Northeast part of U.S
        I still have nightmare 😦

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