ນາງສາວປະເທດລາວ (First Miss Laos)

After all these years, Laos finally crowned the “First Miss Laos” ever.  This article got me thinking, is this mean she will be representing Laos on the upcoming Miss Universe?  I’m not familar with the process and rules of all these contest.  I just hope that there will be 2nd Miss Laos next year and years after.  The reason I’ve said that, few year ago they held similar contests like Miss Apon and Miss Lux.  All those contests was discontinue without any announcement to the public.  One probably say, what you expect from Laos???  Which I don’t really have an answer for.. Another good example would be the very 1st music award in the country was held last year in August of 2008.  It was a big event to showcase all laotian artists and the music industry.  So far, there’s no 2nd music award plan for 2009 and the year is almost over.  It is so hard to expect some or any consistency from Laos.  It is like one hit wonder.. Here and gone..

Student is first Miss Laos Print E-mail

Tuesday, 24 November 2009 18:24
VIENTIANE – Spectators were surprised when Phailinda Philavane, 19, a student at Rattana Business Administration College in Vientiane walked off with the Miss Laos title last weekend after already being voted Miss Photogenic and Miss Healthy.The 165-cm tall Phailinda walked away with the crown at the end of the first Miss Laos contest ever to be held in Laos, and featuring 23 finalists from around the country.


The winning beauty gave what judges at the Don Chan Palace hotel considered to be the best answer when asked what aspects of Lao culture impressed her the most.

phailinda-philavane.jpg“Lao women are beautiful both physically and mentally. This is particularly evident in their smiles, when they wear a silk blouse and long silk skirt, pin up their hair and wear a sash,” she answered.

Her response was enthusiastically received by the audience, who clapped loudly in appreciation.

Smiles and friendship

Phailinda also encouraged all Lao people, especially women, to welcome visitors to the SEA Games with smiles and friendship.

She received a crown worth 20 million kip (RM7,975), 50 million kip (RM19,938) in cash, a gold silk sash worth 1.5 million kip (RM598), a Build Your Dreams car worth 85 million kip (RM33,894.50), 45g of gold, an LCD TV and gift vouchers.

“I was so blissfully happy I was unable to stop my tears falling when I learnt I had won. This is the first time in my life I’ve won a contest like this and I’m overwhelmed to win the first Miss Laos contest,” she said as tears of happiness brimmed in her eyes.

“I think I won because of my confidence in answering the question, and my belief that I could do it. In addition, I had a lot of encouragement from my parents, and I think this helped me too.”

Phailinda said she will be a worthy recipient of the crown and a good model for Lao women in conserving Lao culture and spreading the message about its importance. She planned to demonstrate to the younger generation that Lao women are both beautiful and strong.

The runner-up was Vongphachan Vongvilasak, 21, from Champassak province, who took the Miss Friendship Vote. She received 15 million kip in cash (RM5,981), a gold silk sash, a CTV and gift vouchers.

In third place was Niphaphone Phommachan, 20, from Vientiane province while fourth place went to Souphaphone Inthavong, 19, from Vientiane and Chanpasong Sitthiphan, 18, from Attapeu province who was also voted Miss Popular.

Kesone Phon-arth, 20, from Champassak province was voted Miss Good Character.

Largest beauty contest

Originally 24 women were selected for the final but one of them, Bouddalay Latthachak from Xayaboury province, withdrew due to health reasons.

Phailinda, as Miss Laos 2009, will be considered a representative of Laos, and will act as an ambassador for Lao culture and traditions, both locally and internationally.

This is the largest beauty contest to be held in Laos and the first the government has been involved in.

The event aims to promote Lao culture, lifestyle and customs, particularly women’s traditional dress, and to raise awareness of the country’s unique culture amongst young people. The forerunner of the Miss Laos contest was Miss Apone Lao, which was first held in 2006.

The contest is organised by the ministry of information and culture with support from K&C Company and Lao Brewery Company, and aims to reveal the nation’s most beautiful and congenial women. – Vientiane Times/ Asia News Network

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12 thoughts on “ນາງສາວປະເທດລາວ (First Miss Laos)

  1. Dallas

    Seeharhed – That is good for Lao women.
    At the same time there are so many “beauty pageants” they just seems redundant and almost pointless. Also not to rain on Lao women and their advancement or not to be sexist but do they do anything to promote Lao men?

    Seriously, do they promote Lao cultures, traditions, crafts, musics, and literature? I am not talking about the never ending cultural showcase extravaganza they seems to have every other weeks . I am talking about actually promoting them in school and villages.
    I heard back when Thaksin was a PM of Thailand he implement a program that promote villages craft works. It was promoted in a big way.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Dallas, They had so many contests for different products in the past few years. I believe it was 2 years ago they included guys into this type of contests. The winner was feature in the “BeerLao” tv commercials.

      I don’t know if they really promote Lao cultures, arts, education, and etc. It is not like she won that much $$$ and other endorsement $$$.. She took home 50,000,000 kips, which equivalent to about $5,856(according to today exchange rate).

  2. Nye

    seeharhed, Lao has a long way to go to compete in Miss Universe and one being that Lao will not allowed their beauty pageant to compete in a swimsuit competition, too much skin showing, and it’s one of the requirement for Miss Universe beauty pageant.

    That’s one thing that I found out about Lao is that there is no consistency, everything is done according to Lao time and there is no telling if this is something that they’ll do for a couple of years or something that they’ll be working toward to competing in Miss Universe, I think they’re not announcing this because they’re not sure themselves.

      1. Nye

        Wow, every month, we must have a country of beautiful women. 😀 And what’s that gripping about them not promoting Lao men, sounds to me like we need to have a handsome pageant for Lao men as well.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye, yes!!! us guys wants to see more skin. hahahahahhah j/k.. not!!! I do agree that Laos will not want her walking around in bikini.

      Yes!!! It is so unpredictable what they will do next. First of all, they wouldn’t fork out the $$$ to establish something. Until some sponsor is willing to put up the $$. Most of the case, the sponsors are cell phone company or beauty products.

      This is one of lao favorite line…. “jai yen yen.. khoy lin khoy kin, boun barn haow” hahahah

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Dallas, No I didn’t type those lao words. I did a cut and paste.. hahahahha I cut and paste, piece those words together from lao website.

      I been meaning to download lao fonts to laptop at home.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      eerenoon – Did you get a chance to watch that movie Sabaidee Luangprabang? If you did, what you think of it?

      Yes! I also think that Khamly Philavong is prettier, something about Sao Luangprabang:-). If my memory serves me correctly, Ms Philavong was Ms. Lux of 2006.


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