What’s In My Fridge??

I’ve heard people said…  Whatever is inside of your fridge tells a lot about you.  I’m not sure if that statement holds true in my case.

what's behind those doors??

As a single guy.. I’ve try not to over stock the foods unless I plan to feed bunch of people.  I just realized this morning that I do not have any vegetables.

not much here.. ahhahahha

beer or wine anyone??

Sorry, the pictures are not as clear.  I used my cell phone camera to take these pictures.  One thing that fridge is always well stock is alcohol.  No!!! I’m not alcoholic, just social drinker:-).  These are the items I have in the fridge this morning.


13 thoughts on “What’s In My Fridge??

  1. Dallas

    Either you eat out a lot or you are instant noodle type of guy.
    But at least you got coffee, beer, wine, and juice. We know you will not be thirsty.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Dallas – hahhahah I haven’t eat instant noodle cups over a year. I ate my fair share of those instant noodle cups over the years and I can’t stand it anymore. I took this picture right before I head out the door yesterday morning. My parents and brother came over for lunch on Sunday, they pretty much clean out my fridge for me. hahhaha

      I always have plenty of beverages in my place. I have another fridge outside in the garage filled with all kind of beverages.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – I’ve try not to keep too much stuffs in the freezer. You see that little dark container on the top freezer shelve? I’ve been meaning to take that “Or Larm” out and eat it. Mom gave me that about 2 months ago hahahhah, I think is still good.

      Oh, my work fridge/microwave are so nasty. I wouldn’t leave anything over night. hahha

    1. seeharhed Post author

      eerenoon – I used to drink a lot of Coke, but I quit drinking it about 10 years ago. Beside the original coke, cherry coke was one of my all time favorite.

  2. salalao

    I have to bow to you, for a guy you have more stuffs than I do. I see frozen pasta, feta cheese, capor?, hot sauces, veggi, eggs and some frozen meat. Which mean you can COOK. I am embrassed, checking out my frig right now I got half and half, sake, 2 bottles of wines, half stick of butter I should throw it out, half eaten toffee nut cookie from panera bread, in the freezer orange flavor absolute volka. Cheer ! to social drinker too.
    Pretty pathetic

    1. seeharhed Post author

      salalao – I love to cook and grill it up. Although I still need to learn how to cook few traditional lao dishes from mom. I haven’t got a chance to spend much time with her lately.

      In my freezer I have pork, chicken, or larm, pasta, and lemongrass.

      There are times when I have nothing in the fridge. Usually after the long weekend, football games and families coming over.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Jeffrey – I think I’ll be eating out daily if I was living in that part of countries. Same goes for me if I was living back in Thailand or Laos, you’ll never see me in the kitchen. I’ll probably one big fridge for all the beverages.

      I bet you’re counting down the days now… This morning I called a friend back in Laos and what’s the situation is like during this SEA Games. The traffic was horrible to get around the city and so many tourists.

  3. Victor

    What?! For a single guy, you sure have a big fridge and it is clean! Put me to shame.
    Lots of beer and wine, mate! LOL! Guess you are a Smith’s potato chip fan watching football, with your beers, or maybe a Salsa mexican chip with salsa hot dips. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Victor – Don’t be… I hosted a luncheon few days before I took the pictures, that’s why my fridge is so empty. Plus, I try not to stock too much meats or vegetables unless I plan to feed people. Lately, I been visiting mom a lot and she always pack foods for me. I miss her cooking:-).

      I love football season…. beer, chips, dips and more beers :-).


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