Pud Prik Khing Gai(Chicken)

Hope everyone had a great time ringing the new year.  Usually, I would be out of town partying with lots of friends.  This year I decide to stay in town and counting down new year with few friends.  We all decided that everyone should bring their favorite dish.  When I told them I’ll cook up two dishes and bring it over.  Their reactions was like…  hhmmm you cook?  LOL  They all thought I would go out and buy those dishes.  Most of them knows that I am okay with BBQ but not sure if I know how to cook anything else.

So, I decided to cook up two dishes and both are chicken.  I took the safe route by cooking up Chicken Yellow Curry and Pud Prik Khing Gai.  It is pretty similar to the curry I blog about a week or so ago.  Except this time, I didn’t use any bamboo shoots at all.  Also I was in the rush, I didn’t get to take much pictures.

Some of you probably know that Pud Prik Khing is pretty simple dish to cook up.  This time I used chicken thighs I bought from Costco.  I spend about an hour prepare the chicken, removed all the fats, skin, and bones of it.  After that I marinate those chicken with some chopped garlic, little salt, black pepper, oyster sauce and some seasoning sauce.  I like to marinate all my chicken over night, minimum of 12 hours before I cook it.  When you bite on the chicken, you will notices the flavor and the tenderness.  Okay, enough said…

the chicken been marinate over night... ready to cook

cooking the chicken...

after the chicken is about 75% cook, i throw in the string beans.

here is the finish product..


19 thoughts on “Pud Prik Khing Gai(Chicken)

  1. Dallas

    I like you cooking set. 🙂
    You know this is almost similar to what I made other night. I also used chicken thigh, Maesri Red Curry Paste and zucchini. You surprised me too. I didn’t think you cook. :p

  2. seeharhed Post author

    Dallas – Good eyes:-)… I like my cooking set a lot. But, I’m missing a big pot right now. That’s my next item on wish list. I want a pot that allow me to make some pho to feed at least 10 people.

  3. lady0fdarkness

    that looks so good.. I can eat that with jasmine rice all day.

    Lao men can really cook! All the men in my family cooks very good. In fact, my fiance is a chef! he makes a killer nam.

  4. Victor

    Oh, Seeharhed – for a bachelor and living alone, you sure can cook. That layer of floating chili oil (I assume). Not sure if I had Pud Prik Khing before. Is it a Thai influence dish?

    Btw anyone has a good home recipe for making Pho stock? This is one of my favourite noodle soup dish.

    1. Nye

      Hi Victor, I use ox tails for Pho Stock, fill the pot with cold water and put the ox tails in there and bring it to high heat, they say it’s a way to keep the juice in there that way. Then put whole onion, carrot, and few garlic coves. I also put the seasoning that comes in a bag that has the star flowers, black peppers, cinnamon sticks, and other stuffs that they sell in the Asian market. Let it simmers for 2 to 3 hours and put black soy sauce in last. As you can see, I love Pho also. 🙂

    2. Dallas

      Hi Victor – Mrs Dallas use beef neck bone or oxtail when making pho stock. Beef bone with marrow would be good. She usually drop them in a boiling water then turn the heat off. Let the bone simmer there for about 1/2 hour or until all the good stuff and blood float up. Might need to discard the water when it is cool then add some more hot water. After that she rinse them off before starting it over with new pot of water. That how she make her broth clear. The stock for Lao Pho tend to be darker and have all the good stuff floating around. A Lao friend thought I was crazy when I told him that I throw away those first batch of so call broth.
      She roast some white onion, ginger, cinnamon stick and garlic head in the oven. Poke few holes in garlic clove then put them in the water and cook until boiling then set the heat to medium then low. She let it simmer overnight. Some put star anise their broth but I just don’t like the scent of it. That is how we do it.

      1. seeharhed Post author

        Victor – Thank you!! 🙂 Yes, you’re correct!! It is a layer of chili oil and this dish is definitely Thai influence. I’m pretty sure you had this dish before, from those days traveling through SE Asia.

        As for pho stock… I pretty much did a similar thing like Nye and Dallas. Instead of chopping the onions and dump it in the pot. I like to grill my onions first. I’ll cut the onion into 1/4 then throw it on the grill. After that, I’d put all those grilled onions in a net bag and throw them in the boiling pot.

        Another thing I like to add on my pho stock is the stems of marijuana tree, if I’m able to get some from my buddy:-). One or two stem will do the trick, if you put too much the soup will be turn green. LOL Just make sure you use big pot because everyone will love the soup. If anyone had pho in Laos, 90% of those shops do put stem of marijuana tree on its stock. Be prepare to laugh after the meal.. hahahhaha

  5. Nye

    seeharhed, that looks real good. I love your stove, and cooking set also, very impressive that you’ve all that for a single guy. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – Thanks!!! I’m really happy with the set of appliances:-). If someone would ask me about one thing I don’t like about my kitchen, I would say the counter top. I’m not so crazy about white tiles, but it is okay. Down the road, I might put in the new counter top and my choice would be concrete counter top.

  6. Victor

    Thanks, Nye, Dallas and Seeharhed for the wonderful tips on how to make your special pho stock. I am so excited now.

    I will do it this weekend! Thanks again.

  7. Victor

    Oh, Seeharhed – you are kidding only, right? About the marijuana! LOL!
    Or, maybe it is true. No wonder I felt so so happy after eating it in Vientiane! And, went back again. Addictive! LOL!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Victor – No, I’m not kidding:-). It is pretty common for those noodle shops to add some marijuana stem. I have few favorite shops around Vientiane that I usually eat at.

      Are you still down for disco shrimps? Looks like I will be heading to Laos around the end of March or first week of April. My travel agent is been trying to find me the cheapest tickets:-).

      1. Nye

        They put the MJ here at the Pho restaurant in Charlotte, but I think it’s owned by Vietnamese people. Another sign is that after you eat, you get dry mouth and become very thirsty, and after drinking bunches of water, you still feel thirsty but never have the need to pee. At the refugee camp in Thailand, they put that in Kao Piek.

  8. Victor

    Oh, wow. Now I know. I thought it was MSG they put in. So addictive. That’s why I kept drinking the soup! I am surprise I wasn’t high. LOL! Oh, yes, and I was very thirsty after that.

    Seeharhed – I definitely like to try disco shrimp with you. But, no plan to go there in Mar/Apr as I will be heading home to Penang in Feb for 1 week Chinese New Year with mum and family. I will take a rain check. It will be great to meet up with you in LP some time in the future. Cheers!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Victor – We’ll meet up for sure sometime in the future, somewhere in Laos. I am already so excited about going back, even though my buddy haven’t book any flight yet. LOL I just hope that everything goes as plan.


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