Lost In Translation

I was so bored this past weekend, I went through all my photo albums and few pictures caught my attention.  Most of you guys probably can relate to this, especially traveling back to Laos.  You’ll run into signs that doesn’t make sense or badly mistranslated.  If you’re laotian like myself, you’ll probably enjoy some of these translation more.  My intention for this blog is to bring out the humor side of the signs and hopefully I did not offended anyone. 🙂


lao words are perfectly said.. for the english part.... it is little tough hahhaha

keep cleaning... hahhahah it should be... please help us keep this area clean

For Rant!!!! hahhahaha

way downnnnnn... hahahh

spicy crap meat anyone?? hahhahahha

pick and choose... hahhahha ears dig anyone??


16 thoughts on “Lost In Translation

  1. mscinda

    I am still laughing about the ‘spicy crap meat’. I’m guessing they meant ‘spicy crab meat’. Very funny post.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      mscinda – I wonder how many people actually order this item after reading the menu. Hhmmm sure, I like to order your finest spicy crap meat. hahahha

  2. Nye

    The Laogrish, they’re very funny, I didn’t see that many when I was there. The ‘Way Down’ part is accurate, I visited one waterfall in Pakse, and it was way down. 🙂

  3. eerenoon

    555!! I want to Eyes Wash!! I think for countries like Laos or Thailand, the english translations are not quite important. The most important is, the local language must be perfect. 555!!!

  4. Cambree

    These are very funny. I like “Car for rant”… you can drive around town and start ranting about all the pot holes. jk. 😉

    You’ve got a good collection here. The penmanship is actually very nice.

  5. Jeffrey

    Brilliant! I like the spicy crap meat a lot! I know it’s not funny to point out mistakes like these, but they are good for a few laughs. As an English teacher, it is one of my occupational hazards when it comes to having to correct all these mistakes.


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