Weekend Project

In the past 2 weeks, we had storm after storm went through our area.  All those days of rain and wind havocked my 15 years old wood fence.  I was glad that the wind didn’t blew the fence toward my side of property.  Otherwise, the fence will probably took out few of my trees.  My neighbor got lucky also, the wood fence came crashing to the side of his house and missing his window by an inch.  We both knew our fence life expand will be short, but I didn’t think it will come this soon.  I was hoping to install the new fence after the tax refunds:).

total of 5 sections of fence slam into the neighbor house.

as you can see.. all bottom of the fence got ate up by termites.

Later on that afternoon, we took the fence apart and what a back breaking job.  Those fences been soak with 2 weeks worth of rain.  Being the good neighbor I am… I said let’s stock pill at my backyard since I have more space.  It was so weird for not having a fence between the two properties.  After a short discussion about calling the fence contractors to come out and give us estimate.  Few days goes by and no contractors.

On Saturday morning, I was awaken by the sounds of electrical saw and someone hammering the nails.  I normally get out of bed really late on weekends.  So, I was curious to see which neighbor is making all these noises.  As I peek through the window blind I saw my neighbor installing the fence post.  Few thoughts went through my mind at that moment… where is the estimate from contractors? where is the communication?  is he going to ask me to split the cost?  should I offer to help?  Finally, I decided to get out of bed and went outside to talk to my neighbor.  At that point he told me that he decided to build the fence himself and didn’t want to wait for the contractors.  He had put in the claim to his homeowner insurance and already bought most of the materials.  My schedule for that day was totally booked and I offered to help him on Sunday.

We spend most of the Sunday to complete this project, plus taking the old fence to the recycling plant.  I was beat!!!!

The questions I have now…  Should I ask to see all the receipts of purchases?  Although he didn’t mention about splitting the cost, should I offer??  Normally, the fence between two properties are build to alternate facing property.  In our case, all the new sections of fence are facing his property and I get the back of it.  If I should ask to share the cost, I think I should have some input to this as well.  What you guys think?

the finish product. it looks pretty nice

not bad for a weekend job.. i need to do some yard work


8 thoughts on “Weekend Project

  1. Victor

    Talking about drama, Seeharhed. If that was me, I would not bother to offer ask since his insurance will cover all his costs. After all you have already contributed in building the new fence. And, you are right. He gave you the “backside”. If he wants compensation, he can claim from your insurance company. It is a nightmare to deal with insurance claim.

    I won’t bother making your side of the fence looks better. You seem to have green fingers, and I could see a few decidous trees planted at the back. Maybe plant some evergreen flowering shrubs all along the fence. They are visually better than looking at a wooden fence anyway.

    Good luck!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Victor – Everyone that I talked to said the same thing you and Nye did. I’ll save those money to spend on my vacation in Laos:-).

      I have 4 trees along this stretch of fence, I just need to do some pruning this weekend.

  2. Nye

    It’s kind of funny of how it was put up, if you didn’t tell me otherwise, it looks like it’s your fence since the backside is to your property, the right way is to show the nice side outside, but this, he is keeping the pretty side and gave you the backside, it should be the other way around if it’s his fence.

    Since he is putting a claim through his insurance, I wouldn’t offer to pay, I think by you helping shows that you’re a good neighbor. If he wanted you to pay, he should have discussed this with you first.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – You’re right!! If he wants me to share the cost, I should have some kind of inputs as well. I had the feeling that some the materials used was the left over from his previous job. About 3 or 4 months ago, portion of his back fence collapsed and he replace it with similar woods.

      Plus, I had to hauled all those old fence to the county recycling plant by myself. It is about 20 miles each way from my house and I paid for the dumping fee too. I guess it is all even out:-).

    1. seeharhed Post author

      ladyofdarkness – We do not get too many nights of freezing temperature. Our grass here stays pretty much green all year round:-). I haven’t water my grass for about 2 months.

    1. seeharhed

      Jeffrey – The BBQ season officially began last weekend on the Super Bowl Sunday. I still have 2 marinated pieces of Tri-Tip left and looks like I’ll be grilling it up tonight.


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