Making A List…. Checking It Twice..

The list of things I need are growing longer day by day.  It started with few items I noted to myself on the cell phone.

1.  hand sanitizer

2.  sun block (50+ spf)

3.  bug repellent spray

4.  waterproof bag

5.  pepto-bismol

6.  cheap unlocked cell phone

7.  electrical outlet converter

8.  mug shot pictures

9.  new lense (EF-S 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS)

These are must have items for me and I’m not doing that good of a job to cross it out.


22 thoughts on “Making A List…. Checking It Twice..

  1. Nye

    seeharhed, I brought my electrical outlet converter also, but had no need for it, I was able to plug everything straight to the outlet in Laos. A good thing that I kept my receipt and was able to return it when I got back.

    I found that hand wipes also come in handy when you can’t wash your hand. I brought several travel size packs with me. Another thing is handkerchief, it was so hot in Laos and I brought several handkerchiefs, it beats having to use tissue to wipe your sweat and it’s easy to wash and hang dry overnight.

    And don’t forget your aspirin in case you get a headache. Do you have a date of when you’re going back?

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – I’m surprise that you didn’t need to use the converter at all. On my last trip back I left the set of converter with my aunt and I’m not sure if it is still in good condition. I didn’t want to take risk of getting my cell phone, ipod, and battery charger getting fried from 220 watt outlets. Most of U.S. standard outlets are only 110 watt.

      At the moment I don’t have the departing date or plane ticket yet. My travel agent(buddy) has been trying to get me the cheap ticket with less connection as possible. Hopefully, he will come through soon and I have faith that he will. I can’t believe that ticket is more expensive compare to like 4 years ago. He knows that I need to be there before Lao New Year.

      1. Dallas

        Oh I also brought the adapter but I didn’t need to use it. The hotels I stayed in use the same type of plug. But I have buy an outlet strip when I got there. Finding a place that sell them was an adventure. My laptop use a 3 prongs plug so I had no choice. It also a good idea when you have to charge all your gadgets.

      2. Nye

        I read somewhere that the Lao govn’t is requiring people to use the universal kind for their electrical outlet, I was able to plug all my gadgets at my aunt’s house in Paksan without any problem, although their electrical work was poorly done. The guest house at LP and hotels that I stayed, I was able to use their plugs as well.

        If you do book your ticket, make sure you don’t travel through Thailand, it’s not safe and the red shirt people are stirring things up as we’re speaking, and there might be a good chance of them taking over international airports as last time. I think they’re planning to take over, and a lot of money has been paid out already. Also, it might be cheaper going through China (Kunming) or Vietnam.

    2. Dallas

      I have to concur with the Nye on this one. I brought a small towel with me and I had to wipe myself head constantly. I also brought a Sarong/Pah sarong. I don’t go anywhere without it. I was so hot to me but I guess it is because my body was not use to that kind of weather. I was sweating so bad and I am looking at my cousin and he is wearing a jacket in the middle of a sunny day with not even a sweat on his forehead. Hand wipes is good too. Get the individual package one. I wish I had brought more clothe because I stink of sweat. It was good thing my clothes were the type that dry easily.
      I also bought a package of Imodium. I take one before I eat anything. Get a really sturdy backpack and throw all your junk in there. I got a decent backpack but it ripped at the seam by the end of the trip. I also got this huge zip-lock back at Target. The bag is big enough to put a sleeping bag in.
      Don’t forget MP3 player for that long flight and drive and a small pocket knife (but keep them in the check in suitcase).
      Duck tape and twist tie would be good too. Be sure your phone match the frequency they use in Laos. I wish I can go with you. I need a khene. The one I brought back got destroyed by the weevil beetle.

      Have fun, Dude!

      1. seeharhed Post author

        Dallas – Thanks for the input:-). Yea I’ll have fun for sure and probably didn’t want to come back.

        On my last trip I brought back a khaene for my brother and let me tell you.. It was such a pain in the rear end cause I’m carrying on the plane. Good thing my aunt made the case for it and made it easy to carry.

  2. Victor

    Hey See – that is exciting! When is Lao NY?

    Don’t forget your laptop, or do you use iPhone? How about a pair of thong? Don’t forget tickets and passport.

    Once we left Hobart. Got into Melbourne. 4 hours transit. Then queue up at MAS counter to check in to Malaysia. And, I forgot our air tickets! Left at home in Tasmania! Bloody hell. That struck a big panic with both of us. It was stressful. Fortunately, that was booked through online Sydney travel agent, and it was Friday. Managed to contact the agent to fax through a copy of the confirmation to MAS! Imagine entire holiday ruined! Since then, I always asked myself the last question – money, ticket and passport!

    I look forward to reading all your posts of your trip. Please say Hello to Daniel (the manager) at Mekong Riverview Hotel in LP, if you are going there.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Victor – I’m really looking forward to be going back. I’m not so sure the exact dates of Lao New Year cause it varies from year to year. If I have to guess, I think it is on 13-15 of April.

      I’m not taking my laptop on this trip, it is one less thing I have to carry around. I have pretty much everything save on my iPhone:-). I’ll just have to make sure my passport is in camera bag. All my tickets are E-tickets and can easily be retrieve if I have to.

  3. Jeffrey

    When exactly are you going to Laos? Hope you have a safe trip and have a great time when you get there.

    I am counting down the days again until I am back in Laos–which will be sometime in July.

    When I talked to Aon this morning, she said it had gotten quite chilly there the past few days. The weather sure is strange around the world. Last year when I was there it was very chilly; this last time, it felt like summer.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Jeffrey – Thanks for all the kind words and I’m very much been looking forward for this trip. As for when exactly I’m going, I just don’t know yet. I haven’t finalize the itinerary yet and hopefully will do so in a day or two. My buddy has been working on booking my flights and he is confident that I’ll be there before Lao New Year.

      As far as weather goes.. I think it will be really hot in Laos and especially with the MeKong River level is at its lowest in 60 years. With the new year approaching, I think most cities in Laos will enforce water usage.

  4. Dallas


    Make sure you check the final destination tag on your luggage. I think it list all the airport you go through. Be sure ***Vientiane*** is at the bottom and not Bangkok. Do the same on your return flight.

    Sometime they mess up. My mom luggage got stuck in Thailand. We were lucky they found them and had it on the next plane to Laos.


    1. seeharhed Post author

      Dallas – I heard similar stories regarding the luggage issues and most of the time is due to the fact airlines doesn’t have luggage agreement among themselves. As many time I went back to Laos, I never had this problem. Always made sure it is checked in all the way and same thing for returning flight.

  5. salalao

    Seeha the most important things is to have fun trip take lotf pictures go to paces like you have been. about the phone cell phone in Laos cell phobe is cheap and you have your old from u.s you can ask tech support to unlock your old phone so you buy lao sim card. that what I go with mine call att they can help or email the instruction to lock your phone. these day in laos without a cell phone you are not cool. some kid over there have iphone

  6. salalao

    Seeha the most important things is to have fun trip take lot of pictures go to places like you have not been before. about the phone -cell phone in Laos cell phone is so cheap and if you have your old from u.s you can ask tech support to unlock your old phone so you buy lao sim card. that what I do with mine call att they can help they will email you with the instruction to lock your phone. these day in laos without a cell phone you are not cool. some kid over there even have iphone

    1. seeharhed Post author

      salalao – That’s exactly what I did on last trip back. I had one of my buddy took my at&t cell phone to some guy to unlock it. This time I’m not even going to mess around with it at all. I already bought myself some cheap unlock phone and ready to use.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Victor – It is gotten worse lately in Vung Vieng. I’ve always been vocal about how they runs things there and the government needs to enforce the laws. It is so bad to the point that you can order your marijuana, opium, and other drugs while you’re ordering your meals at restaurant.

      Vung Vieng is heaven for backpackers to go some sun, drugs and plenty of beerlao. Every year there are cases of drug over dosed tourists and missing persons.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree – money belt?? first of all, I don’t have that much money to strap myself with.. hahahha I probably use my camera bag to hold cell phone and wallet..


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