March Madness

I love this time of the year and I’m sure most of basketball fans out there can relate.  Like all the previous years, I will be running another office brackets pool.  It is a friendly buy in and winners always bring in donuts.  I just finished filling out my own bracket and there are doubts on some of the teams I picked to win.  This year is probably the first year where any top 16 teams can win it all.  Also strange not seeing teams like UNC, UConn, Arizona, UCLA and few other teams in this tournament.

Any particular school you guys are rooting for?


7 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Nye

    seeharhed, I thought it is March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers. 🙂

    I’m not much of a sports Fan, I guess a typical gal.

  2. seeharhed Post author

    Nye – That’s okay, not too many women I know that are into sports:-). I’ve been glued to my co-worker iPhone watching games. hahahhaha

  3. Jeffrey

    I’ve never been much of a basketball fan; could never really get into this whole march madness thing–even when I was living in the States.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Jeffrey – March Madness is huge!!! So you must be exciting for your Da Bears.. This off season they are busy signing up free agent guys. Hopefully that will translate to more wins this coming year.

  4. Cambree

    I try to avoid the office pool. Last time I did this I was way OFF! So never again for me.

    I think the best basketball game I saw was the Beijing Olympic: USA vs Italy. Other then that, I can’t stand sports of tv. 😉

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree – I think majority of women probably can’t stand watching any sports:-). One of my niece are really into playing and watching sports with me. My parents and her parents was worry that she will turn tomboy.


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