Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

Last Wednesday night I had a chance to attend my first SF Giants baseball game for this year.  This season started around the same time I went to Laos.  Ever since I got back from Laos, I’ve trying to catch up on work and everything else.  My buddy “Little S” whom is a season ticket holder that invited us to join him.  The game doesn’t start til 7:05 pm but we arrived at the parking lot about 2 hours early.  Oh my god… talking about drinking fest.. I had a flashback from college days tailgating at the football games.  First of all, I shouldn’t be surprise since these three guys I am attending the game with are all married.  This is the night all these boys are away from their wives and kids.  Let me just say that.. the game ended around 9:15, but we didn’t get home til 2am and I have to be at work by 7am.  I was hurting all day long at work the next day.. lol  boys always will be boys..

the view of the att ball park from our seats.. not bad at all.. just few rows from the front.

looking toward the home base.. the visiting team dug out.

the man of the night is... Matt Cain.. he is going against colorado rockies..

let's hope he will stay healthy this year...

pablo is checking out the chicks.. hahah

Aaron Rowan about to get some hit...

Pablo Sandoval is ready.. he wants the ball

I'm glad to witness a good picthing game by Cain.. and we won 4-1... Go Giants!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

  1. Nye

    The Giants made me think of the NY giants, I guess there’s a SF giants also. 🙂

    How are you hurting all day at work if you were just drinking and watching the game?

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – Oh yea the other giants team:-). Well, our SF Giants original team was form in NY and moved out to the west coast in 1958.

      Well, we didn’t get home til like 2am the next morning and I have to get up at 5am. Ouch!!! Let just say.. I wasn’t much productive at all that next day.

  2. Jeffrey

    Cubs win! Cubs Win!

    Hehehe, sorry I couldn’t resist. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a ballgame, 1988 to be precise and that was a Cubs game at Wrigley.

    Great pics here.

    I’ve been laying a little low the past few weeks–busy with school, sending out my stories, poems, and trying to sell my novel.

    I’ve also put together an exclusive “Laos” only blog; something I’ve wanted to do for sometime. It’s called All Things Laotian (allthingslaotian.com) It’s a little blog about a little of everything Laos.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Jeffrey – The Cubs is one of my team I root for when the Giants is not in the mix. I can’t help but rooting for the underdog team and love to see them make it to the world series one of these days. Wrigley is one of the place on my place to see list.

      Oh cool, I’ll check out your site soon.


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