Khee Kheng Ya Leum Khuay

Everyone of us probably read and seen so many signs throughout the years.  Signs comes in various sizes, shapes and colors.  Most of us probably reads it and move on.  This one particular sign in Wat Lao Buddhavong, VA caught my attention as I walk pass it.  The sign reads “Khee Kheng Ya Leum Khuay”, a Lao proverb which translate to…  “When you’re riding the motorcycle, don’t forget the buffalo”.  One can interpret this proverb into various situations in life or meaning.  This particular message to me meant… “Once you made it, don’t forget those folks that helped you”.  It is very typical in Laos to see such a smaller version of signs nailed to tree all over the temple ground.  Buddha ways of teaching and reminding folks with simple messages.  For some probably just another junk sign.


5 thoughts on “Khee Kheng Ya Leum Khuay

  1. Nye

    “Khee Kheng Ya Leum Khuay” teaches us to be humbled. Although I translate the word Kheng as a car or sedan.

    I’d love to see more photos of your trip, please do share. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – You’re right!!! The word “Kheng” means sport car or sedan. Thanks for correction :-).

      Please stay tune.. I’ll post some of pictures later.

  2. Cambree

    This was one of the proverb I remember hearing from my dad. There were many others too, I wish I had wrote them down.

    I also wish our local Buddhist temple did the same thing. Just Lao proverbs written in Lao and English for visitors to read.


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