Wat Lao Buddhavong, VA (July 3rd/4th)

For so many years, I’ve seen pictures and videos from 4th of July weekend festival at Wat Lao Buddhavong in VA. This year I finally had a chance to witness the festival first hand. I was little disappointed there aren’t that many folks attending this event like in past years. Maybe due to the heat wave on that weekend and other internal temple issues that kept the local away this year.

Over all I had an awesome trip, I got to meet some relatives whom I haven’t seen since I left Laos.

Here are some of the artists/performers I saw at the temple concerts.

Mike Piromporn

this guy does it all... he sing.. he even make papaya salad for you..

I'm not sure his papaya salad is as good as his singing..

even he is singing.. still manage to pose for the lady

this gal jumped on stage and dance with Mike.. one of the event staff politely asked her to leave the stage..

a singer from Laos, Latsamy

I told my buddies to walk up to the stage and I'll take pictures for them. Latsamy must of heard us talking... while she was still singing, she walks toward us and took pictures with my buddies... tips were flying left and right hahahah

I forgot this lady name.. Guess who's sitting up in the front?? That's Nye and her families.. I didn't know til afterward


13 thoughts on “Wat Lao Buddhavong, VA (July 3rd/4th)

  1. seeharhed Post author

    Jeffrey – Thanks :-). My writing needs a lot of work, but hopefully by blogging will help me practice.

    Yes, we were at the temple same time but I can’t pick Nye out of the crowd. I was on the look out for Lee but she is not where to be found. Later on I came to find out, Nye and her families all sat about 15 yards in front of me. We never get to meet each other, perhaps next time:-).

    1. Nye

      Hi seeharhed, nice story and photos, was the photo of Mike tum mak houng on Sunday?

      I guess not very good detective work on your part, next time I’ll tell you where we hang out. 🙂

      1. seeharhed Post author

        Hi Nye, kob jai :-). Yes, those photos of Mike tum mark hoong was on Sunday afternoon. I saw one or two female with DSLR camera and at first I thought is you.

      2. Nye

        We only stayed at the temple for about 1 hour on Sunday and left at 10 am. I don’t normally walk around with my camera, I only take out when I want to take a picture. 🙂

  2. Nye

    I was there at your first photo also. My sister asked me to go up and take a picture of her and Mike, I was a bit embarrassed then because I just shoot his first concert, so I stayed in the back with Lee instead. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      salalao – I know.. It would be nice to meet you and Nye there, but there are always next time :-). As for me, I’m not sure when I’ll go back and visit the area. Since I’m out here on west coast. Even though there are places I haven’t yet visit in the area.

  3. Cambree

    It’s a small world after all!

    If I went to the temple, I would be hanging out at the Water Lotus pond. I wonder if they sell the water lotus pods (seeds). I would buy them.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes!! It’s a very small world, especially our Laotians communities. Most likely someone you know will know someone that knows you or your families. That’s why I’m scare to even show my face on this blog LOL :-).

      I’m not sure if they even harvest those lotus pods at all. Lotus is one of those plants that easily can grow on its own. I’ve seen my cousin took few stems of lotus from uncle’s house and planted it on big pot. Within few months it spreads like wild fire.


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