Camping at Jenkinson Lake

It is been few years since the last time I camped out at the woods.  This past weekend I had a chance to get away from the city for few days.  My brother picked the site for our weekend camping.  The site is at Jenkinson Lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, about 45 miles from South Lake Tahoe.  I didn’t get a chance to take as many pictures as I like to.  Most of the time I was busy eating or swimming.

my nephew on the boat from the distance..

so peaceful.. water is nice and cold.. ducks are out hunting for foods

very nice place to do some kayaking..

little princess is getting a swimming lesson.. she loves the water

my niece and nephew took the boat out... looks like they are enjoying themselves.

All these pictures are taken by using manual mode.  My co-workers told me few of the pictures could be improve by using flash light even with the full sun.  I’m still trying to familiar myself with different settings.  It is so complicated, but I’ve notices the different between auto vs. manual modes setting.  I hope to be better at it soon:-).


2 thoughts on “Camping at Jenkinson Lake

  1. Nye

    Seeharhed, happy shooting and glad to have another friend learning it together with me, I felt so lost at times. I was surprised to learn that you could use flash to help in bright sunlight, something that I would never have thought of doing. Here is a good post,

    I think it would help with the little princess’ portrait, she is adorable and you’ve captured her expression well. The place looks so nice a peaceful, made me think of the time that I went camping with my sisters when I was about 15 in Upstate NY.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – I didn’t too til I show them some of my pictures. They both mention that I should use pop flash to help take out of some of those shadows. That’s just one of many things I didn’t know about photography:-).

      The little princess spend so much time in the water and never wants to get out. Stay tune and hopefully I’ll have better pictures to post soon.


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