My Quick Tour of Paris

As some of you already knew that I was in France about a month ago.  It was my first trip to France for me and it is an unfortunate circumstance led to visit the country.  I was there to attend one of my favorite uncle funeral.  It wasn’t the way I had envisioned my first visit to France.

I was pretty busy for most of my 8 days in France, except one day that nothing was schedule.  At first, I wasn’t planning to go out to see the city at all.  The main purpose of the trip was to attend my uncle funeral and spend times with all my cousins.  I have friends that lives in Paris, whom I met earlier this year in Laos came to pick me up and drove me around the City of Paris for a quick tour. I am thankful for them to give up their day to give me a tour of this beautiful city.  They open their home to me and cooked some awesome meals that night.  Without them, I probably will not get to see the City of Paris at all.

Here are some of the pictures.

a quick snap shot of notre dame.. so many people are waiting in lines to go inside.

"Point Zero".. This monument is locate right in front of Notre Dame. Everything is being measures from this point. Laos also have a similar way of measuring distances. Oh by the way, that's my foot just below the word "ZERO". 🙂

I'm not sure about the name of this square or park. It is at the end of Champs-Elysees Avenue. Eiffel Tower is on the background.

we about to approach the famous.. "round about"

the famous "LV Store".. notices that mostly asian are waiting on line to purchase some of expensive purses/bags.

what a beautiful day it was..

another view of Eiffel Tower from "Le Palais de Chaillot"

The famous bridge tunnel that took a life of Princess Diana


8 thoughts on “My Quick Tour of Paris

  1. Jeffrey

    I am sorry that your trip to Paris had to be underscored by the loss of your uncle (and again, I am sorry for your loss) but it was nice that you could see some of the city, and perhaps, as a catharsis of sorts, have a chance to cope with the loss by taking your mind off things.

    Seeing the Arc de Triomphe reminds me of what? Hmmm…does Patouxai come to mind?

    Hope everything is okay with you these days.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Jeffrey – Thanks so much. I am doing much better these days. Although, there are times that I find myself thinking of him. We were suppose to meet in Laos this past April, but it was impossible for him to get any flights out of Paris due to the volcano eruptions in Europe.

      Yes, Patouxai is replica version of Arc de Triomphe, although the one in Laos isn’t really a big round about like the one in France.

  2. Nye

    seeharhed, I didn’t realize it’s your first time visiting and unfortunate circumstances indeed. I’ve never been there and hope to visit one day.

    My favorite photo is at the park with the water fountain, perfect image of Paris IMO and very well composed image.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – Yes, It was my first time there. I’ve been meaning to go and visit my cousins. Sometime, it takes death to bring people together. I am glad to reconnect with my cousins back in France. It is been like 17 years since the last time I saw them, now they all have families. We all promised each other to stay in touch and visit each others when we can. I already told them I want to go back and visit Paris. Paris is like a photography dream city, so much histories and architecture heaven.

      Plus, we are planning a trip to take my uncle ashes back to Laos sometime next year. He had told his daughter that his wants his ashes to be kept in Laos.

  3. Cambree

    Paris is beautiful. I especially like the photo of the river Seine and the Eiffel tower.

    Asians are lining up for LV bags in Paris too. I read in the NY Times that Chinese were lining up at NYC’s Apple stores ready to buy iPhones and iPads. Then sell them back to China for a profit. There’s money to be made for them and lots of disposable income coming from China these days.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree – I totally agree, Paris is beautiful and very charming city. Sounds like you have been there before?

      The locals told me that people would hire someone to stand in line to purchase bag for them. Because you only allow to buy limited bag/wallet per given day.


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