Yosemite National Park

I finally made it to Yosemite National Park this past weekend after few cancellations this summer.  It is been few years since the last time I visited the Yosemite National Park.  In the past years, I normally visited the park at least once or twice a year.  I had camp there so many times and did hiked many trails in this park.  My all time favorite hike is the Half Dome hike.  It was an experience that I’ll never forget til the day I die.

September 25, 2010 was National Public Lands Day and the entrance fee was waived, which normally cost you $20 per car.  So, I decided to take full advantage of it.  I got up pretty early and made the 2.5 hours drive from my place.

the yosemite valley... on the background is the half dome, it is kind of hard to see from here... the sun was shinning bright at me, made it difficult to take good pictures.

you can see half dome much better on this picture... the 18-200 len came in handy today.. i like this photo a lot

Few years ago I hiked to the top of Half Dome with two of my buddies.  It was one of the toughest thing I’ve ever done.  We hiked it during the summer month where the temperature was in triple digits.  It was about 8.2 miles hike from the valley to the top of Half Dome which is about 8836 feet in elevation.

the half dome is on the upper left corner of this picture. the trail to the top start from the bottom of this picture, past 2 water falls and wrap around the back..

up close picture of half dome... you can't see the trail from this view.. on the back, there is a steel cable that you have to pull yourself up to the top of this giant rock..

what a beautiful morning... this picture is taken from Glacier Point looking east to the Half Dome.. the Glacier Point elevation is about 7214 feet

follow the trail... what a view..

the shear face of El Capitan.. this is one of the famous rock climbing site..

It was a nice to spend a day at the park.  There are so many people flocking around this giant park.  Perhaps the weather is still summer like and people are taking advantage of it.  I am planning to go back in November, the fall is so beautiful and I’ll try to capture the winter landscape.  Also, the next trip I will take my mountain bike with me so I can take pictures from many locations.  Due to the vehicle restrictions to certain parts of the park.


4 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park

  1. Nye

    I was going to say go back in the Fall for the autumn leaves, but it doesn’t look like they have many trees there. I see mostly pine trees.

    I love hiking but I don’t get a chance to do it much and we’ve plenty of mountains in NC. The half dome image does come out nice, I like it also. Did you get a chance to take a picture of the waterfalls?

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – Yes, I am planning to go back in November to see the Fall landscape. The month of November still be fine I think due to the warmer weather in Northern California.

      During this time of the year there aren’t much of water on all the waterfalls. There are two waterfalls on the 3rd pictures on the bottom right corner.

  2. Cambree

    We did some hiking near the beaches in SF on the same weekend. It felt like everyone was out because the weather was so nice. And warm for SF weather.

    Yosemite is nice. It also brings back good memories for me. Look forward to seeing more photos of Yosemite from you.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      It is so weird that temperature is summer like, but yet we are just few days from October. When it is warm in SF, people will come out to enjoy the nice weather.

      More pictures from Yosemite Park coming soon. Stay tune :-).


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