Wat Velouvanaram, Chamigny France

When I was in France last month, I spend majority of my time at Wat Velouvanaram in Chamigny.  Like most of the Lao Temples across the U.S., Canada, and France, the temples are usually old farm houses or residential homes.  Wat Velouvanaram is no different, it was once a old farm house sit on top of the hill over look the valley.  Which makes it very difficult to park all the cars on the property.  The head monk told me that they are in process of building a new temple which locate closer to the city.

One probably ask why I would spend so much time at the temple?  As some of you might know that houses in France are very small.  It would be almost impossible to host any type of religious ceremony at anyone home.

sign at the entrance gate to the temple..

another sign at the entrance gate..

the head monk of this temple just arrived.... soon will be time to pray.. notices all the cars are so small in France

friends and families are arriving..

looking up at the temple..

the main residential for all the monks..

to the left of residential is the ceremony hall.. everything pretty much takes place there

the procession for 6 novice monks.. this ceremony took forever

the ceremony just finished... these folks are waiting for lunch to be serve but they have to wait til the monks finished with their lunches first.

my cousin kids are enjoying themselves at the temple... she is so lovely.. too bad i can't speaks any french cause she tries to talk to me so many times.


13 thoughts on “Wat Velouvanaram, Chamigny France

  1. Nye

    The temples oversea are not as pretty as back home, and that’s one thing that I missed about Laos. Our local temple is an old colonial house and I have a friend that asked about it because she wants to go photograph. I’m not so sure, sort of afraid that she might be disappointed.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – You are right! There aren’t any temples in oversea that can compare to the one back in Laos.

      I need to go back to Luangprabang to take some really nice pictures. The last time I was there, I had point and shoot camera and is nothing compare to the DSLR.

      So many places I want to see… so little funds 😦

  2. Cambree

    This Lao French temple has potential. They probably have to do lots of fund raising from the community to get that going.

    Btw, I noticed the small cars too. I believe it’s because gasoline is expensive there. I hope one day we will all have gasoline free cars.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree – Yes, this Lao French temple have a lot of followers. It was good to see the Lao Community in France is so united as a whole. Also helps that the head monk is well known and well respected by others.

      Yes, most of the cars are very small due to the high price of gasoline. Also, most of the cars there runs on diesel fuel.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      ladyofdarkness – It is all about your inner peace, I guess :-). When I was in Laos, I like to visits all the old temples and chit chat with the old monks.

  3. Somchith Khamsopha

    My name is Somchith, from Melbourne Australia. I am cousin of Ven. Chanty. I am wonder in archarn Chanty is currently locating at Wat Velouvanaram. Or please reply and tell me where about he is right now. Because I’ll be coming to Paris in the week of 23rd – 29th November, and would like to come and galf archarn.

    Koff chay.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Sabaidee Somchith,
      Yin dee tee hu juk der :-). Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. As far as I know he is still the head monk at Wat Velouvanaram, just Southeast outside of Paris. I am not from France, but both times I visited France he was still in charge of the temple. See the first picture and call that number for more information.

      Sok Dee der 🙂


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