Kao Jee Pa Tae (Vietnamese Sandwich)

On my recent trip to Paris, France, friends of ours insisted that I must try this vietnamese sandwich which they think is the best anywhere.  I was somewhat skeptical and went along with them.  This sandwich shop is locate in front Tang Freres supermarket in Paris Chinatown.  I’m thinking to myself, this place must be pretty good because the line is very long.  After about 3o minutes of waiting, I finally got my hands on this sandwich.  It is not the typical vietnamese sandwich I’ve eaten all these years.  I notices right away that the sizes and shapes are different from what I usually had.  This place use the long tiny baguette which gives you that crunchy texture.  I didn’t get a chance to open up the sandwich and take a picture of it.  I was busy eating as we are walking back to the car.

Hands down!!!! This is the best kao jee pa tae in Lao or best know as vietnamese sandwich I ever ate.  Throughout the years I ate so many vietnamese sandwiches in various part of countries.  I always thought the two best vietnamese sandwich I ever eaten is from San Jose, CA and the other shop one in Laos across the street to Lao Plaza Hotel.

this is the best vietnamese sandwich i ever had...

After a long afternoon touring the city of Paris, we went back to the house for some bbq dinner.

fruits from chinatown.. so hard to find fresh tropical fruits in the U.S.

drinking beer with ice reminds me of Laos... i had a few bottles of that beer:-)

the custom bbq grill.. the meat was awesome


6 thoughts on “Kao Jee Pa Tae (Vietnamese Sandwich)

  1. Nye

    That’s a very neat looking bbq grill, is that outdoor?

    I couldn’t tell if your Kao Jee Pa Tae looks good, but I guess it must be for you to eat it all and none photo of it. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye – Yes, it is an outdoor bbq grill. Notices that everything tend to be on the smaller size. If this was American build bbq grill, it would double that size for sure.

      Sorry, no detail pictures of Kao Jee Pa Tae. I didn’t want them to think that I am a weirdo that takes picture of foods. You just have to take my words for it :-).

  2. Cambree

    I wonder if it’s the French pate and long tiny baguette that made it so good. I love these sandwiches and will have to make some soon. I will see if I can find the tiny baguette you mentioned too.

    And love the tropical fruits too. Btw, they are not hard to find in the U.S. Just head to the larger supermarket. They are available but really pricey!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree – I think so too… The combination of both french pate and tiny baguette probably why this sandwich was so good.

      As for the tropical fruits, I hardly shop at any big asian supermarket. I need to go to Ranch 99 once a month :-).


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