Autumn Day At Yosemite National Park

First of all, I like extend my gratitude to all those that serves and protects this great nation.  Since Veterans Day is a holiday for most of us, I decided to take advantage of it and spend the day at the park.  It is a free entrance to most of the National Parks across the country.  The Yosemite National Park (YNP) usually charge $20 per car for entrance fee.  I spend about 5 hours driving and riding my mountain bike in Yosemite Valley taking pictures from various view point.  Early in the morning the temperature dip down to the mid 30’s, it is cold for this California boy.  I’ve always wonder how the heck some of Laotians managed to survive and live up in Alaska.

The drives into YNP is so beautiful and breath taking.  I’ve notices the changes in the colors comparing to 6 weeks earlier when I was there.  Some part of the park reminds me so much of East Coast during the month of October.  About a week ago, the YNP received the first snow of the year and you’ll notices on some pictures.

the first spot of the day.. notices some snow on the half dome

love the colors..

hardly anyone is around at all..

whatever left over of snow is now turning into ice... so peaceful

little close up of Half Dome.. I'm still amazed I made it the top of the mountain once.. I was young and crazy 🙂

my mountain bike... this bike is on its last leg with me.. i had it for almost 25 years 🙂

few years back.. we hike up to the very top yosemite waterfall.. too bad I didn't have the camera like I do now

different view of the awesome Half Dome...

The entrance road into the park off Highway 140


14 thoughts on “Autumn Day At Yosemite National Park

  1. Nye

    I envy you, I had to work on Thursday.

    The love the colors of the leaves, I see that the weather is as cool as the weather here early morning hours. Hiking to the top of the mountain would be a challenge for me, must be an awesome view from up there.

  2. Cambree

    It looks peaceful out there. I’d love to visit that place again.

    Some of the best things about California is the nice weather and scenic beauty. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree – You’re so right about the nice things that California have to offer. There are few spots on my list of places to visit. Point Reyes National Park is my next destination.

  3. ganda

    Hey See nice photos. You sure has passion for photography amd the outdoor. I didn’t know you have such nice blog spot until BLM Sent me the link. I enjoyed reading you blogs and I so love the photos. Keep it coming!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      ganda, thanks for stopping by. I had this blog spot for awhile but never really advertise it. I’m surprise that BLM knows about my blog, that guy is sneaky.. hahahah

  4. ganda

    Hi See. BLM and I would like to invite you to facebook. He asked me to give you his name so you can search for him but I’m quite hesitant to post his name here. So if you could give me your email I will send you the name and description so you will recognize him. How about that? 🙂

  5. ohcornelius

    Nice – I used to be a tour driver from San Francisco to Yosemite – driving a 27 passenger bus through some of those roads was a bit… interesting at times. Used to have lunch every day (well, every trip – a few a week) with my toes in the stream and Half Dome in the distance, eating my sandwich while a gave the tourists free time to roam.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Thanks for stopping by… man, you are one brave soul to be driving those tour buses from SF to Yosemite. Some portions of the Route 140 is pretty scary and on the way up to Glacier Point. Let me guess.. majority of those tourists are from Asia, right??

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed Laos. I hope to have a chance to go back for a visit sometime in early 2012.


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