The Giants Won!!!! The Giants is 2010 World Series Champion

As a kid growing up in Northern California, I have always been rooting for the San Francisco Giants and 49ers.  Although, the 49ers had their shares of glory in the 80’s and 90’s.  Yet! The Giants baseball team came close 3 different times since moving out to San Francisco back in 1958.  All those years of heart broken, the Giants finally captured that allusive championship trophy.  I was lucky enough to witnessed history during the National League chase, what a year.  Something about this team made a believer out of me and I’ve been telling all my friends that this team will come through.  And they did!!

The Giants beat the Rangers in Texas on Monday night.  On Tuesday morning they announced the time for the parade on Wednesday.  That afternoon, I walked in my boss office and told him that I’ll be off on Wednesday.  As a fan I was just so excited and looking forward to attend the 2010 World Series Champion Parade in downtown San Francisco.  Everything in San Francisco is pretty much shut down on last Wednesday due to the parade.  It was by far the biggest one event I’ve ever attended during my life time.  They projected some where around 1.3 million people are out on the streets that day.  I totally confirmed that numbers, there are so many people packed in along the 3.5 miles route of  parade.  I am glad that I got a chance to be a part of the history, who knows when they will get the chance to claim this victory again.  It is been 52 years long coming and talking about bittersweet.

I got into the city just after 11am.. As I came out of BART train, I walked right into the sea of people

It is like this along the 3.5 miles of parade route. The streets are jump pack with people, I'm just trying to get a better view to take photo.

I tried to move down to few blocks from where I was earlier.. I can't even get close at all

no where to go... it was so hot that day in San Francisco

One of the young stud pitcher.. Madison Bumgarner.. who grew up in Nye's hometown, Hickory, NC

another pitching staff.. Jeremy Affeldt

Fear the Beard... That's not Brian Wilson holding up the sign.. That is Sergio Romo whom happen to shared the same cable cart during the parade..

The young rookie star catcher.. Buster Posey.. He is the major factor of Giants winning the World Series

the parade ends at the city hall.. this is as close as I can get to, all the players are behind that green fence.

When in San Francisco.. you'll always run into some characters.. notices the two guys looking at him, saying... wth!!! hahah

After the parade is over.. people are walking on the route of the parade..


6 thoughts on “The Giants Won!!!! The Giants is 2010 World Series Champion

  1. Nye

    What do you know, someone famous from my home town. 😛

    So many people, this is a great photo opportunity for you but the bad part is people blocking the view. The zoom lens come in handy, I see you got some closeup shots.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I wouldn’t be surprise if they throw him a hometown hero parade :-).

      It was difficult to get good pictures with all those people running around me. Yes, the 18-200 zoom lens came really handy that day.

  2. Jeffrey

    Go Cubs!


    Great pics again Seeharhed! Looks like it was a lot of fun to be there.

    The closest I have been to something like this was back in 1983, when the SIU Saluki’s football team advanced to the national playoffs. I was at that game and afterward, a lot of us rushed onto the field.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I totally can relate to the Cubs fan, all those years without a Championship. So many years of heart broken. The Giants actually picked up one of the Cubs player before the end of trading deadline. He came through for us on few games.


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