Happy New Year….

It is been awhile since my last blog.  There are few reasons kept me from writing a blog.  Well…  actually I just been lazy to write about anything and nothing worth ranting about :-).

Just wants to say “Happy New Year To All”..(Sok Dee Pee Mai).. stay tune, I should be back to my posting mood soon.


9 thoughts on “Happy New Year….

  1. seeharhed Post author

    Kob Jai lai lai der Nye… 🙂

    I have to download the pictures I took in the past couple weeks. Also, I need to find something worth ranting about..

  2. Cambree

    Having nothing to rant about is a good thing! But glad you are back. 🙂

    Happy 2011!

    How about this story for you kick of the new year –
    “Stevan Patong Thao, 53, of Oklahoma was caught transporting two pill bottles containing 490 heroin capsules during a customs inspection at Detroit Metro Airport, where he arrived around noon Sunday from Narita, Japan, the complaint said. His trip started in Laos. He was headed to Oklahoma.” Detroit Free Press

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Hi Cambree, happy 2011 to you as well.

      I did came across that story sometime last week and thought of ranting about it. Either he is dumb or pretty damn brave to have all those drugs on him. He tried to say is a medicine for his ailing grandmother and have a prescription from the Doctor in Laos. hahahhahah What a joke!!! I don’t think the TSA is buying his story. I wonder how many times he pulled this off before getting caught. The sad part about this story that he probably get off easily with minimal jail time.

  3. Cambree

    Hi seeharhed,

    Yes that guy made a bad move. Heroin can have medicinal uses too. But with the amount he brought into the country he will not get off easy. We’ll have to wait to see what happens on Jan. 27th when they bring him to court.

  4. Victor

    LOL..that’s how I feel some time too. But hey, it is your blog. You can write when you feel like it. I will still be checking on you. 😉


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