Lucky Fetus???

As a kid growing up in Laos I’ve heard all kinds of crazy stories.  I also heard about this so called it lucky fetus “louk lord” but never really know the details of how it came about.  When I came across this story other day, I was shocked to hear that people in Laos still practices this mythology.  Here we are in 2011, you wouldn’t think this kind of believes or practice still exist.  What posses a person to kill their love one for something that they think it will help them win a lotto?  I guess it all broil down to money, even if it meant to kill his young wife.  Sad story and I hope that the government will make this as a teaching case for all rural folks.  This type of myth does not exist in today’s world.  That goes to show you that people are willing to do just about anything for money.


Man Killed Wife For ‘Lucky’ Fetus

Updated: Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011, 8:03 AM EST
Published : Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011, 8:03 AM EST

By AFP – A Laotian man told police he murdered his pregnant wife with an ax because he wanted the fetus to make a lucky charm that might help him win the lottery.

The 38 year old was arrested a day after allegedly luring his 24-year-old wife into the forest of northeastern Xieng Khuang province Jan. 3 and killing her with an ax blow to the back, the Vientiane Times reported Tuesday, adding that the fetus was not yet found.

Police told the state-linked newspaper that the man confessed he planned to use the three-month-old fetus to produce a “louk lord,” a mystical object that, according to local legend, can give its owner great power and fortune.

“The murderer confessed to the terrible crime, but he won’t explain where the body of his unborn child is,” Maj. Khamsouk Phonkhamdy, chief provincial police investigator, was quoted as saying.

The suspect said he heard that if he “produced a louk lord, he would be able to ask the ghosts for lucky lottery numbers,” Khamsouk added. “Or he could sell the louk lord at an extremely high price.”

The investigator reportedly said it was unclear whether the killer worked alone or had accomplices who were still trying to produce the talisman.

Laos is one of Asia’s poorest countries. While most people are Buddhists, belief in spirits remains widespread.


7 thoughts on “Lucky Fetus???

  1. Nye

    It’s very disturbing to hear but not shocking coming from the SE Asia about story like this. I believe it’s still a common practice in many villages but we just don’t hear about it on the news.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye, most news like this case will never makes a headline in Laos. Most people there just treated it just like another whacked case. The other day I was at my local lao grocery store, I ran into few older men I asked about louk lord. They said once you get fetus, they have to go through some blessing “soud” by some mor pee..

      1. Nye

        seeharhed, I translated a Thai article about this, and you can make it yourself but you have to have permission by both parents, which means that the mom and dad has to give the fetus to that person.
        Later I found an article of instruction in great detail of how to make louk lord, but I didn’t translate. There’s a lot of odd people out there and certainly don’t want them to make one based on reading my translation.

  2. Cambree

    This story gives me the creeps! Why people believe such thing is beyond me. Most of the time we really have to make our own luck.

    Keep a good heart and good things will come your way. Sooner or later. 🙂


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