Jobs Opening In Laos

Few years back, I actually consider moving back to work in Laos.  Unfortunately, nothing really pans out and I found a job here in the States.  Now there are more foreign companies operating in Laos and demands for qualify workers are much higher.  I came across this opening listing, I was somewhat shock to see the starting pay.  If this job was available back when I was looking to move back, I would of made the move and probably still be living in Laos.

This would be an ideal job for me because I can speaks the native language.  The pay is not all that bad for working only for 8 months.  I am thinking about submitting my resume, if I get hire on then I probably consider taking a leave of absence for a year.  This way if I don’t really like it in Laos, I can always move back to the States.


Community Liaison Manager, Lao PRD (fixed term, 8 months)

Posted: 04 February 2011     Deadline: 20 February 2011
Job type: Contract     Salary: $40.000 – $50.000
Location: Laos
Organisation: MAG (Mines Advisory Group)

MAG has worked in Lao PDR since 1994 and currently conducts unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance in the provinces of Xieng Khouang and Khammouane,   During 2011 MAG Lao is participating in a national project led by the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for the UXO/Mine Action Sector in Lao PDR, to develop and trial a district focused approach to UXO survey.  This survey aims to define the UXO threat and impact in the most severely affected districts, leading to the development of an informed clearance plan linked to district and village development needs.  MAG Lao will initially pilot the survey approach in one district in Khammouane province, with the likelihood that the survey will then be expanded to two additional districts in Khammouane and one district in Xieng Khouang.

We are currently seeking a Community Liaison Manager to join our programme in Lao PRD and to support the development and implementation of the survey.  Reporting to the Technical Operations Manager, and supported by our Regional CL Managers, the successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the implementation of the pilot survey in  UXO contaminated areas in the country and for providing formal and on-the-job training to the national survey teams.  The role will involve close liaison and coordination with national and local authorities and other UXO operators, and regular monitoring and quality assurance.  .

The successful candidate will have experience of conducting non-technical survey and well developed data collection skills including interviewing, observation and participatory approaches such as focus groups and community mapping.  They will be familiar with working in an advisory role, mentoring and coaching field teams and undertaking regular monitoring and quality assurance.   They will also have the ability to collect, review and manage  large amounts of data.

This is an exciting opportunity to join one of MAG’s longest running programmes, in a role where your work will support the life-saving operations that MAG carries out in Laos.

Previous experience of working in Lao PRD and a basic level of competence with the Lao language is desirable, but is not essential.

for further information about this role, and details of how to apply, please visit our website at by the closing date of 20 February.


9 thoughts on “Jobs Opening In Laos

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Dallas, I’m thinking more of making meeting arrangement with Chief Villages and gather information. I’m not much of a typing report kind of guy at all. I think the pay is pretty good for 8 months and I’m sure this position will come with few supporting staffs.

  1. Nye

    seeharhed, when I see a position like this I often ask myself if the job has been filled before they posted this position, and only posting the position as an announcement only to cover themselves. I know it’s like that at my work place, and many places that I know.

    1. Dallas


      I know exactly what you mean by this. That is the practice at my old work place and from what I heard, it is the same at Mrs Dallas work place too. They are just following policy or law. It is upsetting when they do that but unfortunately we can’t do anything about it.

      1. seeharhed Post author

        Nye & Dallas, that sounds like the NFL hiring head coaches policy. They have to bring in so many minority head coaches before they can make a decision of hiring that coach they want all along.

  2. Bryce

    Sounds like a great opportunity, and very worthwhile work, so hope it’s not just a policy-prompted faux listing. Best wishes if you decide to apply.

  3. Cambree

    You can at least try to apply and see what kind of response you get. Good luck!

    Btw, here’s some opportunities with Room to Read in Laos, but for Lao nationals only. In case someone out there is interested. 🙂

    * Literacy Program Manager
    * School Room Program Associate, Laos
    * School Room Program Manager, Laos

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree – Thanks for the link. hhmmm Lao National only?? I speaks/read/write in Lao, is that mean I am a Lao National as well? 🙂 I wouldn’t mind carrying Laos passport along with the U.S. passport, but I don’t think the U.S. will allow that.


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