Soke Dee Pee Mai Lao… Happy Lao New Year!!

I can’t believe how fast time flew by in a year.  At this time last year I was in Laos for a the whole month.  I miss Laos a lot.. I miss my grandparents, relatives and friends.  In the past couple days I been calling back to Laos to wishes all my relatives and friends happy new year.  Hopefully, I’ll get to go back to visit Laos again sometime in 2012.

Here are some of the pictures from last year trip.

this street runs along the MeKhong River.. people are temples hopping.

motorists are getting splash with water...

Nam Ngeum River during the dry season..

Happy Lao New Year to all…  Soke Dee Pee Mai Took Took Khon!!


13 thoughts on “Soke Dee Pee Mai Lao… Happy Lao New Year!!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Kob Jai.. Happy Lao New Year to you as well. Hhhhmmm.. There are few Lao temples within 50 miles radius are having new year celebrations. I am planning to celebrate the new year with friends and families at one of the temple (wat).

      By the way, thanks for stopping by.

  1. Bunny Eats Design

    Happy New Year! Laos was my favourite country out of all the countries we visited in SE Asia. I wish I was back there too. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Thank You Bunny… I’m glad to hear that Laos is one of your favorite SE Asia country to visit. Perhaps, you’ll go back for another visit in the near future. Thanks for stopping by. Sok Dee Pee Mai (Happy New Year)..

  2. Nye

    Sok Dee Pee Mai seeharhed. I would love to visit Laos during Pee Mai Lao, might have to waterproof my camera though. I recognize the road that runs along the Mekong river and the food by the water was awesome. I do miss Laos.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Kob Jai.. Sok Dee Pee Mai to you as well.. I miss Laos a lot and especially during the New Year celebration. I called all my relatives and friends back in Laos to wishes them happy new year.

      Actually, you don’t really need to waterproof your camera. When I was there last year, I try not to be so close to those folks with water. Most of the time, they ask politely to splash water at me.

      Yes, that street is along the MeKhong River. I’m actually standing in front of my friend’s house/shop.

  3. Victor

    Sok Dee Pee Mai Seeharhed. I didn’t realise that Lao has the same New Year celebration as Thai. I have been thinking about Luang Prabang lately. I must go back again, hopefully towards end this year when I finished my project.

    Enjoy your new year!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Thank You Victor.. Yes, we shared our new year celebration with Thailand and Cambodian. I miss Laos too, I can’t believe that a year flew by so quick. As of right now, I’m planning to go back sometime in February of 2012. Let me know if you are going to be there at the same time.

      1. Victor

        Thanks, Seeharhed. I am thinking I may go back to Penang for CNY 2012, which falls on the last week of Jan. So if I go back, I will swing by LP if you are there. I will let you know. Cheers, Victor.

  4. Cambree

    Happy Lao New Year seeharhed!

    I hear they get 1 week off to celebrate in Laos. I can’t imagine taking more than 3 days off. But it would be fun. And based on your photos from Laos, it looks very festive this time of year.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Kob Jai Cambree… Sok Dee Pee Mai to you as well..

      Yes! In Laos most offices gave their workers the whole week off. This is the time of the year that people goes back home to their villages. I was there last year, the party doesn’t stop til late Sunday night.

  5. phoutthasone

    Hi every body laos is a country in south east asia
    that has been celebrating New year for long time. As I live here I really like this festival, the most attractive here is water splash what every one can’t escape when walking on the street during new year.I love laos so much.


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