Lao/Khmer/Thai Temple

I don’t remember the last time I went to any temple two days in the roll.  Actually, I wasn’t plan on attending the new year celebration at Lao/Khmer/Thai temple.  My cousin called on last minute and wants to meet up for lunch.  Since, I can’t turn down free lunch, so I went:-).  Some of you probably be asking why I called it Lao/Khmer/Thai Temple?  Well, majority of the monks are from Thailand and few Cambodian/Lao monks living at this temple.  So, you’ll see mixed groups of people from those regions as a regular followers.

As I approach the entrance gate to the temple, the sounds of Johnny Olsen is blasting through the air wave.  Some of you probably don’t even know who he is.  I believe he came out with few CD’s in Lao and Thai.

Getting ready to parade around the parking lot.

I believe "Nang Songkran" is in the blue. She actually smile for the camera:-)

Around and around

I managed to get few young ladies to smiles:-)

Looks who's instigate the water fight. He totally caught all the people off guard.

Johnny is doing his thing... The crowds was into it.

As I stand there waiting for the parade to start.. Standing not too far from me is this young lady with tattoo on her shoulder blade.

Johnny plays his "khane"

Go Johnny!!! Go Johnny.. Go

Shortly after the parade, I left the temple because I have to mow my lawn.  Another male singer from Laos will be joining Johnny to entertain the crowds.  I didn’t get a chance to go back later on that night.


4 thoughts on “Lao/Khmer/Thai Temple

  1. Cambree

    “Nang Songkran” is a cutie! Her outfit is very pretty too.

    It seem tattoos are back on the scene now… as I remember in the early 90’s people were getting tattoos all the time. On their ankle, back, and every other place. Btw, what did the girls tattoo say? I can only make out a few words involving “fast” and “die”.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Cambree, I have to agree with you regarding Nang Songkarn.

      I came close of getting some tattoo as well. But, I can’t decide what to get. I can’t make out the whole sentence on her tattoo as well. Something “fast to live” and something “young to die”.


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