The Bird

Lately, the weather in Northern Cali is much improve comparing to few months ago.  As I always do on a lazy Sunday morning, I open all the blinds and windows to let the sun/air in.  While I was cooking some breakfast in the kitchen, I heard the noise of someone is banging on the window coming from the living room.  As I approach the living room, I see this bird is constantly flying into the window.  It was buzzard to say the least.  This bird continues on for another 10 minutes or so, then it sits on top of the fence staring at me.

After I finished eating my breakfast, I check to see if the bird is still there.  Sure enough, it is still there and staring right back at me.  So, I decide to grab my camera and went outside to see if I can get a good shot of the bird.  Most normal birds would fly away when they see people coming around the corner.  This particular bird just sits there and didn’t even move an inch.

Im not sure what kind of bird it is. Im about 50 feet to the bird.

I didn’t want  get too close, afraid it will fly away.  I went back inside to see if I can get more shots from the kitchen window.

If this bird can speaks.... it probably be saying something like.."dude, stop staring at me"

Suddenly... This bird shake its feather and flex his chest muscle.. I am thinking to myself, this is pretty cool.

Few minutes after the flexing chest muscle and shake its feather, the bird step aside and still continue to stare at me.  I was totally amazed that this bird just pop its egg on top of the fence.

There's the egg.

After awhile, this bird got tired of staring at me. It decide to turn its back on me and flew away shortly after.

After that morning, I never see that bird again.  The egg continue to sit there for a day or so, then it disappeared from the fence.  I wonder if other bird find it as a meal or the wind blew it off the fence.


8 thoughts on “The Bird

    1. seeharhed Post author

      LOL@irresponsible bird… I think birds are like people, some do neglect their children. For example, couple days ago the Oakland police busted the lady for solicited sex exchange for cash. She told the police that her year old twin are sleeping in the car parked few block away. Talking about crazy and those poor kids.

      BTW, sok dee pee mai der.. kop jai lai lai der:-)

  1. Nye

    That’s a Mourning Dove, I wonder if the egg fell off the nest. It’s a good thing that it didn’t do a broken wing for you to see, that would have been a sight.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Thank You Nye, for pointing out the name of this bird. I’m not really good of naming different species of animal or plant. I witness the whole process of this bird laying an egg on top of fence.

      1. Nye

        seeharhed, perhaps your stare startled her. 🙂 You can tell by the second image that she was staring back at you.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I know Cambree, this is my first time witness such an event. Usually they would put their eggs up high and away from people or other animals.


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