Random Pictures From My New Toy

I finally had a chance to download all the pictures I took on Sunday.  This new toy really produce super sharp pictures, I am very glad that I purchased it.  As far as the technical comparison to my old camera, I will be able to comment about it in few weeks.  I am looking forward to attend this coming weekend Lao New Year in San Francisco and will be taking lots of picture.

Here are some of the pictures I took on Easter Sunday evening.

It is been a year since I planted this apple tree. I bought it from Costco and planted it prior to my trip back to Laos.

It is kind of tough to take close up picture with my 18-200mm zoom lense.

Looks like I'll be eating some apples this year:-).

My Calla Lily is in full bloom for couple weeks now. I should put it in a nice vase and give it to mom:-). Just a thought at this moment.

Little princess easter egg hunting. She had a blast!!

Time to crack all the eggs open to see the prizes.

Easter meal.. My plate is fill with grilled asparagus, grill chicken, tri-tips, tum mark hoong(papaya salad), and of course stickyrice. Wash all these foods down with Costco Kirkland Pale Ale :-).


4 thoughts on “Random Pictures From My New Toy

  1. Cambree

    Love the calla lilies… and yes I think your mom will love them.

    What kind of apple did you get from Costco? I always find the ones people grow to be tiny and have bugs. Maybe they just don’t take good care of it. But I can see there will be good apples for you this summer.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I might just surprise her sometime this week:-).

      Hhhhmmm.. I can’t remember the name of this particular apple tree, but I still have the tag somewhere in the garage. I’ll try to take a good care of it and will be asking my dad for some advices, since he have few apple trees of his own. I am very much looking forward to harvest the first year fruits.

  2. Nye

    Your Calla Lilies look real nice, it looks like it has spread from last year.

    You really have to step back to take a closeup image with a zoom lens and the good part about it is that you have a cleaner and a nice bokeh background. I clicked to see the large image and it’s real nice and sharp.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      This year Calla Lilies leaves are bigger and makes it look like it spread out comparing to last year photo.

      Thanks Nye, it is little tougher to take a super sharp photos with zoom lense comparing to the prime or macro lenses. My co-worker just bought the 135mm prime lense, the pictures are super clear and very nice bokeh background.


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