For You Mom!!!

The Calla Lilies on the side of my house are blooming out of control.  So, I thought it would be nice to surprise my mom with a vase full of Calla Lilies :-).  She love it!! At the same time she is looking at me like… hhmmm Are you alright son? hahahah   But, I told her that I want the vase back afterward. LOL

I snapped few shots before delivered the vase to her last night.

For you mom :-).

This photo seems to be little hazzy, I didn't get the right exposure or something. The outside lights seem to be overwhelm.


7 thoughts on “For You Mom!!!

  1. Nye

    The last photo, it does that when the background is too bright, what f-stop did you use? Your house is nice and tidy, the flowers look good at your house but I’m sure it even looked better at your mom. 🙂

  2. seeharhed Post author

    Actually, I didn’t think the background light would even effected it. Because the sun wasn’t shinning at the windows during that time. I just checked, I had the f@5.0.

    Yes, my place is very tiny compare to most recently build houses. But, one good thing that my kitchen is almost the same size as the living room. If you compare to houses in Texas, my place would be consider guest house. hahahah


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