The 3rd annual International Lao New Year Festival was held on April 30th, in San Francisco.  This year festival was held at the United Nation Plaza, which is about 2 blocks east of the site from 2 previous years.  We managed to get there little early this year, as we planned to have lunch at the festival.

As you can see.. the crowd was some what small at that time.

I caught the middle of the show. I'm not sure where this group of youth are from. The performers came as far as Paris, Seattle, and San Diego.This young lady is singing the traditional music.

These ten beauty pageant contestants was rehearsal backstage.

If I can cast a vote.. #5 got my vote:-).

#5 is in the middle of this picture.

10 beautiful young ladies

beautifully done..

Throughout the day, there are groups of performer from various Southeast Asian Countries.

I love the color of this group.

These beautiful young ladies performing the classic "Dok Bua Thong" dance.

She have such a beautiful movements. I'm standing so far from the stage and it is hard to take good picture. So many photographers up front by the stage.

These are the judges for all the performances. The whole time I stood at this corner, this particular judge wasn't even paying attention. She was busy texting the whole time.

This young lady perform solo and did awesome job.

I think this performer is from Burma.

Amy Chanthaphavong (Miss Asian American 2009-2010) is the MC of event

Local group of Muay Thai

The master and his student demonstrated for the crowds

Miss Amy Chanthaphavong is introducing all the pageants

New outfits... here are the 10 lovely ladies

She is my favorite to win it all... But, I heard she came 2nd, the winner was announced at Evening Gala event that night.

Of course, no Lao party is without any “lumvong”.

fon lumvong


12 thoughts on “International LAO NEW YEAR FESTIVAL

  1. Nye

    It’s great photo opportunity, maybe one day I will get to visit. 🙂 I think the location is too western too me, might be better to have it at the heart of Chinatown or something. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, totally awesome day to be taking photo. There are so many photographers at the event. Perhaps, plan your vacation around the same weekend. This way you can enjoy the event and go about on your vacation in west coast :-).

      I agree about the location being sort too western or urban settings. Even at Chinatown, there aren’t enough spaces for all the vendors and people to roam around. Plus, Chinatown is already crowded as it is.

  2. Salalao

    Beauiful day for a great festival. I was planning to attend wat LAO in D.C but huge storm came through very disappointed I was looking farward to have some som tum.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Sabaidee Salalao, the weather is perfect and so many people came out this year. I ran into so many old friends whom I haven’t seen for years. All and all, it was great day to spend the afternoon with friends and families.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Sabaidee ladyofdarkness,

      Yes!!! The foods was awesome and most stalls ran out of foods to sell by afternoon. I guess they didn’t anticipate the amount of people will show up. Also, most vendors lost $$$ last year due to the lack of crowds and cold weather.
      I didn’t eat that much foods, I was camping out by beerlao booth all afternoon:-).

  3. Cambree

    The ladies are pretty and so are the traditional outfits.

    It’s rather sunny out there. And one of the young judge is texting, “It’s so hot! Why didn’t they have this event at Golden Gate park.” 😉

  4. seeharhed Post author

    I don’t think Golden Gate Park is an ideal for the organizers due to the fact that it is almost impossible to fence off. For the past 3 years, the event perimeters always been fence and make all the people enter at one gate. Although, this is suppose to be free event due to the fact that they are non-profits organization. As you walk in, few staffs are there to greet you and stick the money bucket with the sign says “$3 per person donation”.


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