Takkatan Chonlada Concert

On Saturday night I had a chance to attend Takkatan Chonlada concert.  At first, I thought the concert would be cancel due to the rain and thunder storms.  By the evening rolls around, the weather seems to be a lot calmer.  As long as I lived in Northern California, I never experienced this kind of weather during the month of June.

This will be two consecutive weekends I got to see Takkatan performed.  The previous weekend she performed at Cache Creek Casino, but they wouldn’t let me with my camera.  So, this past weekend I took full advantage of it.

I had to fight my ways through crowds to get some up close shots.

It is tough shooting at such a concert... where the lighting aren't so edequate.


She is a good entertainer... I think she sings better live than some of her cd. The song that made her popular.."Mai Chai Fan Tum Tan Mai Dai"

She constantly squad downs to accept lei and $$

I got luck out with all the colors on the background.

Later on the night.. I found myself shooting randomly. His wife is to my left trying to capture the moment.

Now is the husband turn to capture the moment. She kept asking her husband, did you get it?... Too bad she didn't ask me :-)... I got it!!

Now a day, people with their smart phones and video recorders..

After all, I didn’t mind spend $20 for this concert compare to the Cache Creek Casino concert.  I got to enjoyed the concert up close and personal.  Plus, I ending up shooting so many photos that I had to reached for my back up camera and flash batteries.  I had bunch of people that I don’t know asked me to take pictures of them.  They never bother to even leave me an emails, not sure what they were thinking:-).  I’m not sure if the event organizer, in this case is the temple will recoup their money back at all.  I heard that her fee was about $7,500.00.  She is into her 2nd or 3rd weeks on U.S. tour and probably have few more weeks left.  With the rate she is charging, she will be needing few LV bags to carry her cash back to Thailand.







18 thoughts on “Takkatan Chonlada Concert

  1. EereNoon

    I used to listen ไม่ใช่แฟนทําแทนไม่ได้ almost everyday through the radio when the song first came out….

    1. seeharhed Post author

      That song came out when I was vacationing in Laos. Everywhere I go, I would hear it over and over again. Some place would play the remix dance version of it. The lyrics really made it popular…and the rest is history. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. seeharhed Post author

        hhmmm Noon?? That name sounds familiar.. I like listening to louk thoong music but only knows the popular artists.

  2. Nye

    Since she is on tour maybe she is booked for Wat Lao Buddhavong concert for July 2nd and 3rd, I keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

    Taking photos at the concert can be a challenge, not only it’s bad lighting but all the wires and equipments on stage can make it hard to get a good shot. You must be right next to the stage to get these shots. Did you tip her? 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Nye, You will most likely to see her there at Wat Lao in VA. I heard this coming weekend she will be in TN and down to TX the following weekend.

      I was about 7 or 10 feet to the stage. No, I didn’t get a chance to tip her at all :-(. But, all my friends that I took pictures for did gave her tips. I was busy focusing on trying to capture the moment.

  3. cambree

    I agree the weather has been odd, almost scary to think we’ll never see the sun again! JK.

    I’ve never heard of this singer, then again what do I know about Lao/Thai singers. I didn’t realize temples had to pay so much for entertainers to come. I thought temples only do charity concert.

  4. seeharhed Post author

    Cambree, Takkatan is pretty popular in Thailand for her country music. She broke through the music scene about 3 or 4 years ago. I like her older album, I didn’t care for her latest.

    I know, I couldn’t believe how much the temple is paying her. On my ticket it said $20 charity concert. I found later the temple barely made half of the money they are paying her.

  5. salalao

    When I was in Laos “fan keb”was very popular. I like a few songs on her New album.
    Her and Tai orathai are two of my favorites female Luke toong artist.
    Nye let’s hope she come to wat lao in d.c.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Oh yes,,, fan keb is one of her popular song.. i guess the song hits home to many women. Takkatan, Tai and Ein are my three favorite female country music artists.

      Well, I think is real good chance you guys will see her at VA temple. This weekend is was in TN and Texas next weekend.

      1. seeharhed Post author

        I see, perhaps Wat Lao Buddhavong didn’t want to fork out $7500 or more for her performing. If that is the case, I totally agree with the temple by not including her in.

        I guess you guys are going there again this 4th of July?

      2. Nye

        Wat Lao Buddhavong used to folk out more, if it’s a band it could be as high as $30,000 that I have heard, but all the tips at the concert goes to the temple. It’s highly likely that we would go again this year.

  6. salalao

    I spoke to a lao event organizer for U.S.A this afternoon. Now I am so jeleous you get to see her. She flew back to Thailand today. A female luktoong artist Baithong Chun Ngarm is coming to D.C and supposely she the biggest hit in Thailand.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Oh she did… She probably have people carrying her money for her as well. I think she made really good money during her month or so in the States.

      So? You always attend the concert at the temple every year? I’ll try to find Baithong hit song and add it here.

  7. eddy

    hmmm alot of ppl say she lost her lao root and she have too change the way see look just to get fame lol.. but i didn’t believe it i saw the interview .. i dont like her very much

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Hhhmmmm.. It is part of being in entertaining business. You have to change and adopt because otherwise someone else younger/prettier will take her spot.


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