D.Y.I. “Bounce Card”

Most of you probably wonder what the heck is bounce card?  Just like its name, the main purpose of the card is to deflect lighting from flash.  Lately, I’ve been shooting a lot of portraits and wasn’t happy with the finish photos.  So, my coworker thinks he might have the solution to my problem.  Hopefully, this bounce card will solve some problem with harsh flash.  I took some pictures with the bounce card mounted on my flash, but I haven’t got a chance to download the pictures.

i picked up some foam sheets at the local craft store... in this case, both white and black foam sheets comes with sticky back.

I choose velcro to strap the bounce card to the flash... most people just use rubber band, but looks a bit tacky to me..

this is the blueprint my co-worker gave me... after i stick those two foam sheets together, i tape this blueprint to the foam sheet and cut it away.

the inside of bounce card..

exterior of bounce card with velcro attached..

the bounce card attach to the tip of my 430 EX II flash.. with the velcro, it is easily to remove and store it away.

looking at it on the front view.. as the light from the flash hits the bounce card, it will helps distributing the light to the source evently.

finally... this is how it looks

Sorry about all the pictures.  It is not the best pictures from my iPhone.  Stay tune for pictures that I took with bounce card mounted on the flash.









8 thoughts on “D.Y.I. “Bounce Card”

    1. seeharhed

      Sabaidee Jeffrey,

      The DSLR is a lot cheaper these days comparing to 10 years back. Go for it, just dive into the DSLR’s world:-).

      Things are going well for me, I can’t really complain much other than I wants to be in Laos 4 months out of year. That’s not too much to ask for, right?? Unfortunately, I am not ready to make such a move…. well, financially I am not.

      Thanks for the link, I have to check out lulu website.

    1. seeharhed

      hahahhahahahh good one salalao..

      B&H have similar bouncer going for about $18, but of course the one I made doesn’t look as good.

      I spend $2 on foam boards, $3.50 on velcro, and total comes out to be around $6 included taxes:-). But, the fact I made it myself and works great… priceless :-).

      BTW, I don’t think Nye takes her photo with the flash.

  1. Nye

    I learned to adjust my camera to shoot in low lighting situation and so far it’s not too bad. My indoor photos have some digital noise but less disturbances to other people in the room. I try to keep a low profile and it would be a sight to carry that thing around. I know I can spot you a mile away. 🙂

    If I have your fast lens it would be ideal. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, you sure can spot me a mile away.. hahahah The bounce card draws a lot of attention especially kids.
      The bounce card helps when taking up close portrait pictures. It gives this softer light on the face and fills in the shadow spot nicely.


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