My Dad’s Backyard

Last weekend I stop by to see my folks and took them out for lunch.  Growing up we never really celebrate any holidays, let alone mother or father’s day.  Perhaps, we didn’t know any better or thought it was weird to have a reason to spend special day with your parents.  Maybe, because we are always together cramped in this tiny two bedrooms apartment.  On the weekends my dad would always took us fishing or camping out at some lakes.  As a kid, I never really questions or wonder why my parents did what they did.  Later on, I know their reasons behind it.  They didn’t want us to be around some other laotian kids at the apartment complex and afraid that we might be involved in something negatively.

Now as I’m older, I really appreciated all those things my parents did for us.  I tried to spend as much time with them as I can.  Even though I don’t give them hugs and kisses every time I see them, but I’m sure they know I love them:-).

Oh… hhmm the title of this blog doesn’t quit match what I’m ranting about.  As I was waiting for them, I checked out my dad’s proud backyard.  His apple tree is growing out of control and puts my apple tree to a shame.

I'm not sure what kind of apple... But, it is growing out of control

notices my dad's homemade tree ties... whatever material he can find.. hahah

My dad is so typical laotians... No waste of spaces, his grape is growing into his apple tree.

Can't wait til the grape gets little bigger... "tum mark grape :-)"

His pomegranate seems to be kind of late this year..

**Click on the pictures to see the larger size**







10 thoughts on “My Dad’s Backyard

  1. Nye

    Your parents have a very nice backyard, the apple made me want to plant some apple trees. I might do that in the fall when it’s cooler.

    When I was growing up we always celebrate Mother’s and Father’s day. It was a big deal for us since my mom had 8 daughters and we always had a cookout, now it’s just father’s day. We went fishing growing up also, when I was in elementary school we went to Prospect park to fish, then after we got older my dad took us to Coney Island and there were plenty of muscles back in the days, not sure if they still have it now.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Hi Nye, my parents backyard is like 10 times the size compare to mine. He actually he two different types of apple, peaches, cherry, and some persimmon.

      I like to go back visit New York one of these days. My parents still have our pictures from Coney Island, Central Park, and the Museum. I think my uncle from New York might know your parents.

  2. inthanews

    Hello seeharhed!
    nice blog you got here! thanks for sharing! i love to have a fruit garden one day! very cool backyard!
    -Debi Intha
    spread the love…

  3. Laotian Commotion

    Mmm! If they’re sour, you know what’d they’d be so good with! ;D

    Thank you for checking out my blog post about Lao food! I’m a beginner Mom-blogger and a part of the Post a Day challenge and doing well thus far— four for four ain’t so bad. It’s quite refreshing to see our culture in the blogosphere. Great job, you’re doing amazing things! Stop by again when you can.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, these apples are pretty sour. I know exactly what you are thinking… kin jel som 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and all the kind words. I will be stop by to see daily blogs. Oh by the way, may I add you to my blog rolls??


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