Interleague Play

My beloved SF Giants took on the Cleveland Indians for 3 games series interleague play this past weekend.  I am fortunate to have a best friend who is a long time season ticket holders.  The called came in early on Thursday morning to see if I have a plan for the weekend.  He have 4 tickets for the Saturday afternoon game and see if I want it.  Duhhh… of course I jump on it right away.  It didn’t take my brother long to changed his plan for the day as well.

The weather on Saturday afternoon was perfect, awesome day to be spending at the park.  Also, the Giants is giving away Aubrey Huff  Bobblehead to the first 25,000 fans.

so many people are in line waiting to enter the ball park. thanks to my buddy, his tickets allow us to enter at special gate with no line.

let's play ball... so beautiful, love this park..

Matt Cain is the starting pitcher for the day. i didn't switch the lense back to 18-200mm

All the home games are all sold out so far this year.  As you can see on the above pictures.

my nephew is getting ready to run down by the dugout to catch balls from players as they coming in

my nephew is on the bottom left corner of the picture.. waving his glove to Pablo.

Aubrey Huff toss the ball into the crowd of kids and my nephew caught it. It made his day for sure.

showing off his prize major league baseball from Aubrey Huff.

even the kids in front of us wants to check the ball.


Andres Torres and Nate Schierholtz

Cody Ross and Andres Torres

Andres Torres and Aubrey Huff

For those folks been following baseball should knows who is Barry Bonds.  He is one of the best player ever wore the Giants uniform.  The steroid usage allegations drive him to retire from baseball few years ago.

another Giants fan express his feeling

Brian Wilson "fear the beard" is warming up to close the game.

the picthing staffs... game over!!! Giants won 1-0

$96 per ticket x 4 = $384, $30 parking, $60 hot dogs and drinks for 4, spending a day with niece/nephew/brother = PRICELESS!!!!!!

last ferry to the East Bay..

ferry boat is making a U turn..
















2 thoughts on “Interleague Play

  1. cambree

    Baseball is one sport I can’t sit and watch. But tennis and soccer is a bit more watchable on TV.

    And somehow it feels more fun to actually be playing sports then watching on the sideline. 😉

  2. seeharhed Post author

    Baseball is one sport that you don’t need to always focus on the plays. That would be a dream, to be playing any sport at the professional levels.


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