Random Pictures From Last Weekend

One great thing living in California is the nice weather during summer months.  This past weekend I was all over the Northern California.  All the trips was not part of my weekend plans at all.  One day we were out scouting college for the little princess.  I know she is only 3 but I guess it is never too early to start looking. hahahhaha  On Sunday, I took full advantage of nice weather and spend a day in the City taking pictures.

Burns Tower on the background


I love visiting the City for a day and that is about all I can handle.  I can’t see myself living in the crowded city like San Francisco.

check out the cost to park at this place.

wedding photographer.. i totally can see myself doing this :-). i have no idea why he choose this location.. an ideal location probably be the Marina, Golden Gate Park, and the beach.

trying to get little princess to pose is a tough task.

sarm lor @ pier 39






6 thoughts on “Random Pictures From Last Weekend

  1. Nye

    Wow, I’m so envious of you, I would love to visit and sight seeing the city. I kind of missed living in the city, the country living is nice but I missed walking on sidewalk with tall skyscrapers the most.

    If you’re scouting for college when she’s only 3, then it sounds like you need to put lots of $ back for her college fund. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I can deal with the city living for a day or two at most. After that I feel like I need my own space:-). But, it is nice to be only an hour drive away. Speaking of big city and skyscrapers, I need to plan a trip back to Queens, New York City to see where my life in U.S. begin.

      Yes, if she choose to attend this particular school, I might have to get second job.:-)

  2. salalao

    Gee I missed San Francisco I was their for business in December and have dinner down at the fisherman’s wharf I remembered it was really cold and windy. I didn’t have a chance to drive across the GG bridge haha because I’m afriad of height.
    Your princess is very lucky to have daddy will pay for her college. that’s is definitely a nice campus.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      California always welcome you back anytime:-). The famous quote by Mark Twain was… “The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco”

      She is lucky… She probably won’t know how good she have it. There are things that I wish I had growing up.

  3. Cambree

    UOP is a nice & neat campus. Reminds me of the Ivy league school in the east coast. Tuition is so high now, even at the UC it’s going up to $10K per year. I remember when it was only $3K per year. Maybe in the future, schools will be run differently and there will be more options for students. The current system is just no working out well.

    Btw, I’m glad your getting out there with your new camera. You chose a nice clear day to be in the city. SF is probably one of the friendliest big cities in the U.S. (depends on what part of town you are in of course)!.

  4. seeharhed Post author

    Yes, UOP campus is nice and clean. UOP is the oldest chartered university in California dated back to 1851. Since it is private school, the tuition is probably triple compare to the UC schools. I might have to send little princess to Junior College for the first few years. hahahhah

    I love spending the day in the city, i would love to visit few other spots but we ran out of time.


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