I’m Back!!!

Two and half weeks of vacation flew by so quick.  Feels like I need to take few more days of vacation to recover from the previous one.  I have so many pictures to go through and hopefully most of them are good pictures.  Here are few to get things rolling…

At first, I couldn't believe my eyes... There are fields after fields of this magic plants:-).

My cousin told me almost a year ago that the government allow farmers to grow marijuana legally.  There are fields after fields of this type of marijuana.

This particular field is probably 40 acres of the marijuana.


Now most of my friends probably wants to vacation there:-).


8 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!

    1. seeharhed Post author

      My cousin’s town probably have less than 5 asian folks in population. There’s no asian restaurants and the closest one is probably 45 mins drive away. Those stems will make an awesome pho stock.

  1. Cambree

    Welcome Back! Hope you had a great time off. 🙂

    Where did you spend your summer vacation? This looks a lot like hemp. I think some US states allow farmers to grow them now. And in Canada too. I wish California farmers could grow hemp. There are many uses of hemp, from making ropes, fabric, paper, oil, etc. It’s a shame the USA doesn’t allow all farmers to grow them.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Thanks Cambree… It is great to be back on U.S. soil:-).
      I went back to France again this year to actually tour around the cities. I had a great time and the weather was perfect. I’ll post some pictures soon.


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