Tiny Town of Coulommiers

Coulommiers is a typical small town in France.  Most of the buildings are old and streets are tiny.  There are hardly any traffic in town because most french people takes vacation during the month of July and August.  Majority of people heads to Southern part of country or to the coast.

The town oldest church..

Most shops are closed during the month of vacation

It is almost like ghost town... hardly any traffic

Most towns in France are well landscape with beautiful flowers compare to towns in U.S.

The whole we walked around town, we probably ran into a group of people once.

Water fountain at the park.. The park itself is very well kept.

The bee

More bee

Wild flowers

Trying to keep up with my tour guide on the right.

Friends had asked me about the trip and see if I could live there.  My quick reply would always be “NO”!!!  It was nice to visit and see all those old places with so much histories. Life there are much slower pace compares it to the U.S.  The people in Laos are well adopted to the french style of living.









2 thoughts on “Tiny Town of Coulommiers

  1. Nye

    I figure the lifestyle is very much like Laos for Lao people living there. My uncle lives in France and takes 1-2 months vacation at a time and spends most of his money on traveling.

    I don’t see any boat in the canal, was there any when you were there?

  2. seeharhed Post author

    I think french workers do get more vacation days than the U.S. They all go on vacation during the month of July or August. Most of them head to the southern part of France or out of country.

    If you really look closely, you will see a kayak. That’s the only couple I saw on the water. Maybe my “f” setting isn’t as high therefore you can’t make out the kayak.


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