Laziest Dog

Meet “Cassius”, my cousin’s dog from France.  I’m not very good with identified the different types of dog.  It is a pretty good size of dog but probably the laziest I’ve ever met.  Most of the time, you’ll find him snoozing under the shades.  My cousin claimed that he is a good watch dog, but I find it hard to believe. hahahhaha

enjoying his morning sun..

about to drink his water..





6 thoughts on “Laziest Dog

  1. Laotian Commotion

    Oy, koy yahn!!! I am deathly afraid of any dog that is bigger than a puppy, has teeth and can run fast so that’s, like, most dogs!

    My husband being the dog connoisseur that he is says that’s a pitbull with maybe some Labrador in it! Either way, he’s scary!


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