Paris By Night

Another amateur move on my part that I didn’t bring my tripod along.  First of all, I didn’t think I’ll be out cruising the city late at night.  Just happened that old friend of family found out I am in town and offered to show me around.  Of course, I accepted the offer:-).  This guy went out of his way to pick me up at my cousin’s house.  It has been 7 years since the last time I saw him and his family.  The whole family took me out to a dinner at this really nice seafood restaurant, the foods was awesome.  We talked about the time they spend in U.S. and where I took them to in Northern California.  They were glad that I show them around and very appreciated it.  I also appreciated them for treating me so well:-).  When I saw the bill from a distance, my first reaction was… Oh my god!!!  I did a quick currency exchanges rate to the U.S. dollars, talking about some expensive dinner.

It was almost 10:30pm by the time we finished the dinner.  After he dropped off his family, he drove me around the city to various tourist spots.  It was 2am and we still didn’t see everything yet, but the thunder storm ruined it for us.  We just called it a night after that.

Sorry for the pictures... It is the best I can do without a tripod and cordless shutter remote.


I really like this picture, although it would be nice to have the tripod and remote shutter


6 thoughts on “Paris By Night

  1. Cambree

    Paris is absolutely beautiful at night. You got some really nice photos even without the tripod.

    On a side note (since I’m for California) I’ll have to say San Francisco at night is really the most beautiful city. Especially the view from Treasure Island. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, at night time Paris is beautiful. But, during the day it is different story. You’ll see most of buildings are old and the french doesn’t believe in painting its buildings. Most of them are old rusty/weathered looks to it.

      Hhhmmm..I have to agree with you about night time in SF. The view from Treasure Island is okay, but I think the view from North end of Golden Gate Bridge is awesome as well.

  2. Nye

    It’s nice to have relatives and friends to take you around. I think I would like Paris since I like the old world charm. It would be heavy to travel with a tripod, but shooting night-shot is well worth it. When I went to Disney I dragged my tripod everywhere and some Disney photographers use the trashcan as the tripod, I’ll know to look next time. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, it is nice to be with relatives or friends. But on the other hand, sometime I like to venture out on my own and discover other things that my relatives might not take me to. I left my tripod and mono-pod back in the U.S. due to its weight. I totally can use the tripod for the night shots. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be more prepare for the next trip. Last week, I purchased a wireless remote shutter and looking forward to experiment with it. The package should be arriving in a day or two.

  3. Laotian Commotion

    These are gorgeous pictures! My family has tourist pictures of them standing in front of it when they traveled here in the ’80s but I must say I like your pictures better. Can’t imagine what the images would look like if you did have your tripod, great work! I’m an iPhone photographer, you see 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Thanks!!! I’ll never leave home without my tripod again. After this trip, I even bought myself a remote control shutter to shoot night pictures:-).

      I take some pictures with my iPhone as well. But, the camera isn’t as good on the 3Gs model. I pre-ordered my new iPhone 4s last friday and will arriving at my doors this coming friday. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!! 🙂


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