Chateau De Versailles

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this place to most of you folks.  Talking about grand scale of Palace and gardens.  We spend most of the day walking around inside the palace/outside gardens and we barely covered half of its ground.  This is probably #2 destination places for tourists to visit after the Eiffel Tower.  We got there some what early and there were so many folks waiting in lines to purchase the tickets and entering the Palace.  I didn’t really care for the inside tour of the palace itself.  It was too crowded, too hot, and the smell of old furnitures.  The package tour we choose was € 15 ($ 20) per person.

the end of line... this line goes up all the way toward the building and loop back toward us... then loop back up toward the building again

view of gardens/groves and grand canal

too bad that all the fountains were off.


she is feeding the ducks and fishes with left over sandwich.


The view of Palace from the Grand Canal. There are so many sculptures places all over the gardens.

The best way to see everything is probably by renting the golf cart or ride the bicycle.


8 thoughts on “Chateau De Versailles

  1. Nye

    I think renting a golf cart might be more of your style. 🙂 How old is your cousin? She looks like she might be younger than Lee, or the Lao French are just smaller in size. 🙂

    This sounds like an awesome place to tour, I do love your 4th image. It has great composition and I can see the long line. It must be several hours of waiting inline.

  2. seeharhed Post author

    Yes, renting a golf cart is totally my style of getting around :-). You can cover more ground and won’t be as tired. She is 5, but will be 6 next month. I notices she grew taller and skinny this year. Her mom called her “E nah noi” or “E joi” hahahhaha..

    Well, This is one of the stop for most of tourists visiting France. I think we waited in line for almost 2 hrs.

  3. Laotian Commotion

    If my husband was in that line, we wouldn’t be in that line. He is so impatient, it’s annoying.
    Haha! I got a kick out of the 7th (I think?) picture down. There are five people and six phone devices being used because that bald guy in the back is talking on one and surfing on another! HAHAH The picture cracks me up for some reason…

    1. seeharhed Post author

      I am one of them impatient guy also. But, I figure that will be my first and my last time I’ll ever to tour this place.

      I think those folks are listening to the self tour guide on a rental hand held phone. If you have a smart phone, you can download an apps as well. But, It is not free otherwise I would download it on my iphone.

  4. Cambree

    The place looks huge and the garden is pretty. I would keep in mind to have a bike or scooter to get around this place.

    And it would have look spectacular and feel much cooler with the fountain on. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes, this place is almost un-walkable if you like to see the whole property. Renting a golf cart or bike is the only way to go about seeing this place.
      I wish those fountains were on when I was there.


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