Jujube aka “Chinese Apple”

About 1 1/2 year ago, my dad gave me this little tiny jujube tree and I didn’t it would survive the first winter.  But, it did and also it is the first year of this tiny tree to produce some fruit.  The only regret is that I planted too close to the japanese maple and the european beech trees, but I really don’t have much space elsewhere.

Prior to writing this blog, I didn’t really know the common name of this particular fruit.  Although, I know it is similar to “mark tun” as people back in Laos refers to this fruit.  After talking to my landscape buddy and checking his reference books I managed to narrow it down.  The official name of this fruit is “Zizyphus Jujube” aka Chinese Apple.

This picture was taken last year back in June 28th of 2010. Also was taken with my old camera rebel Xsi/18-200 IS lense.

This picture was taken back in Sept. 15th of this month with new camera and lense. What a big difference:-).

Notices the different sizes of the jujube tree in between the japanese maple and european beech tree.  I’m glad that I planted all those trees as soon as I moved in.

Close up of the jujube tree. I need to get some new tree posts.

I forgot to count the number of fruits. I'm guessing it is probably somewhere between 10-15.

It is almost there, maybe in a week or so.. I can get my first taste

Mom stop by to get some banana leaf to wraps her "kao tome". I didn't think she would clean it all up like this.





10 thoughts on “Jujube aka “Chinese Apple”

  1. Nye

    If I have your backyard there wouldn’t be any lawn back there, only garden space. 🙂

    The jujube tree is very hardy, and could stand the cold and snow here in NC. Our Wat have 2 trees and they have grown very tall in the last 2 years. Your mom did a job on the banana trees, I think I would cry seeing that.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      You see my garden box? It is half empty, I didn’t get a chance to plant anything this year.

      It was too late by the time I saw my banana trees. But, it is start to produce some more leafs.

      1. Nye

        Do you have to take your banana trees inside for the winter? We have to do that here otherwise they won’t survive the cold winter months.

  2. Cambree

    I like it when they ripen and have red spots. It means they are ready to pick.

    These are also refer to as “Chinese Date”. I think it’s because when they are fully ripe, they crinkle like dates and are very sweet.


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