Last Match of The Season

I had a chance to catch the University of the Pacific, Women Volleyball last match of the season this past weekend.  The team ended the season with overall record of 18-10, which meant no post season tournament for the lady tigers again.  It is been so many years ago since the last time team made it to the NCAA tournament.

I manage to captured few decent pictures.  It is tough for me to shoot indoor sports with no flash.  I really need more practices time on shooting under these conditions.

not much of a turn out for women volleyball game.

jump serve!!!

Senior No. 2 going up for a kill.

Outside Hitter of Seattle University hitting over the Pacific blockers

Sr. Outside Hitter #2 tooling the blockers

Ready.... Set!!!

The Lady Tigers easily beat Seattle University 3-0.








6 thoughts on “Last Match of The Season

  1. Nye

    I see not that many people watching also. I don’t know if flash would do you any good since you are so far away. I’ve seen Scott shooting sporting event like this under a very high ISO like over 6400 and his Nikon still manage to capture sharp images. My image would come out so grainy if it were that high.

  2. seeharhed Post author

    It is hard to draw the crowds when you are not winning that many games. Most of talented players are heading to Stanford, USC and UCLA instead of coming to Pacific.

    Yes, flash wouldn’t do me any good and plus it is not allow during game. All the pictures above are shot on ISO 2000. Perhaps, I should of shoot it on higher ISO and increase my shutter speed a little bit more.

    1. Nye

      For indoor sporting events I noticed he was shooting at f/2.8 and ISO 4000 and up. He does a lot of cropping also and many years of practice. You do have some nice action shots.

      1. seeharhed Post author

        All those pictures above was shot about f/2.8-3.6 and ISO 2000-2500. I didn’t get a chance to crop any of those pictures above before posting it. If I have the 70-200mm 2.8L IS II lense, I think result will be much better for sure:-). I might have to get a part-time job before I can afford that lense.

  3. Nye

    Seeharhed, I’ve learned not to drill on the gear and compensate by learning the techniques. If you don’t have a telephoto lens to bring the subject closer then you need to move closer to the subject, and in this case it is doable. 😉


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