The Best “Dim Sum” in San Francisco

I think New Asia is probably hands down the best dim sum in San Francisco Chinatown.  This past weekend, I stop by for late lunch and people are still waiting for tables.  We waited for about 25 or 30 minutes before our numbers got called.  For some reason they only had the 1st floor open, normally both floors are full with customers.  I’ve been eating dim sum at this restaurant for at least 20 years.  But, it was the first time for my niece.  She said it was the best chicken feet ever and she ordered two bowls.  I don’t eat chicken feet at all:-).

shu mai and chicken feet..

pot stickers... we had 2 orders of it.

garlic and pepper chow fun.... so good...

1 shu mai, 2 chicken feet, 2 pot stickers, and a plate of chow fun for $20.65 is not bad at all.

This place is locate on Pacific and Stockton Streets.




4 thoughts on “The Best “Dim Sum” in San Francisco

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Oh.. you’re one of those folks that love chicken feet as well.. I always think of chicken feet are dirty and most of places probably doesn’t spend enough time cleaning them. hahahhaha My niece loves it and always have at least 2 orders of it.

  1. Nye

    I’m not a fan of chicken feet either but I could eat them in kang kee lek, I guess the bitter taste of the soup overpowers the dirty feet. 🙂
    The dim sum looks delicious, I missed eating out in Chinatown NY, they have many good restaurants there also. What I missed the most is the hot tea with milk, I couldn’t find a place that would serve here in NC, but then again I don’t eat out a lot. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      The things I remembered most about NY City Chinatown are the smell and how dirty it was. My uncles used to take us to chinatown on weekends. I like to go back and visit NY City soon. It is where all begins for our family..


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