Christmas Lighting and Decorations

Last night I drove around my neighborhoods to take some Christmas lighting and decorations.  At every subdivisions, there is always that one guy trying to out do all his neighbors.  In my circle, most of the houses have some kind of lights or decorations except my house. hahahhahah  I’m way too lazy to hang up all those lights, perhaps just didn’t feel like spending the money on the lights and electrical extension cords.

Even my brother got into the Christmas spirit.. Little princess posing next to the reindeer, it is hard to see.. I didn't get to play with different settings, it was really cold out..

My parents even got their lighting up and on...

My folks neighbor...


I like the lighting of this house... I parked across the street and set my tripod... few neighbors drove by and stop to see what am i doing..

This guy out did everybody in neighborhoods.. I've notices that he doesn't keep his light on too long like other years.

*** double clicks on pictures to view larger sizes.





6 thoughts on “Christmas Lighting and Decorations

  1. Jeffrey Miller

    Back when I was growing up in a small town in north central Illinois in the early 1960s, my grandparents used to take me along with them when they drove around LaSalle-Peru–two towns next to each other to look at all the Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. lady0fdarkness

    lol, when my husband said he’s going to decorate the house with lights, I said NO!!!! he says why??? I said…. because I don’t want to see the lights year round, meaning he’d be too lazy to take it down and next thing I know, it’ll be Christmas again.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      ahhahahhah I’ve seen that a lot. Some people still have their decorations up in late March. Fortunately, our home owner association have rules for those lazy folks. hahha All Christmas stuffs are coming down by 2nd weekend of January.

  3. Nye

    We didn’t have any outside holiday lights up this year also, Bo’s reindeer lights died last year and he has not replaced it yet. The last 2 images came out really nice, I can’t imagine his power bill during Christmas time.

    There are some neat decorations in my neighborhood this year also, I’m hoping to walk around and take pictures before Christmas.

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Well, I’ve notices that he turns those lights off little early compare to the past years. I guess the economy is getting the best out of everybody these days.


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