Got Pho???

The Vietnamese called it “Pho” but us laotian folks called it “Fer”.  Although the dish is originated from Vietnam, but just about every Asian countries had their own version of it.  My brother and I loves eating pho especially during the cold months.  At least once a week we would meet up at the local pho joint.  But, lately I been cooking my own pho at home.  With about the same amount I paid for two of us at the restaurant, I can easily make it at home and able to feed about 10 people.  Some people likes all kind of meats from various part of cow on their pho,  As for me, I like to keep it simple to just meat and meat balls.  I always buy my meat from Costco because it is fresher and priced better than most of markets.  This particular time I picked up a tray of top sirloin for $12.89.  With Costco, the meat doesn’t stays on the shelves as long as most grocery markets.  I do not trust the meats from any Asian markets, who knows how long those meats been on the shelves.  The rest of ingredients I picked up from local Asian market.

Just got back from the stores. Little princess wants to help. Here are all my ingredients.

I've tried so many brands of meat ball on the market. This is the best one so far and made in USA.

I like to set up two pots, one to cook the noodle. I normally soak my noodle prior to cooking it.

Some people would just throw in all the ingredients in the pot, but I don't.


Here is the finish product... Let me tell you... This bowl is much better than the local pho joint that we normally goes to. 🙂

After writing this post, I have to go home and make me a bowl :-).





7 thoughts on “Got Pho???

  1. Laotian Commotion

    Yummy! Do you not put everything in the pot because of personal preference or do you think it tastes better? I’ve always had it with everything in the pot!

    Also, I love that fancy Asian spoon with that little design! HAHAHA

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes! It was good. I actually do put everything in the pot. As you can see that I used pasta pot to contained all vegetables. I hate picking out those vegetables later on. In this pictures above you can’t see the meat on the bottom of pot. I actually blanched the meat before throwing it in the big pot. I’ll let the pot simmered for 45 minutes to an hour.

      Good eyes on that spoon. I love it!!! My mom only gave me a pair. It is a very cleaver design spoon, at the end has a hook to prevent the spoon to slide down.

  2. Nye

    I see carrots, do you put carrot in your stock? I normally put at least 2 whole carrots in my Pho stock. Your Pho looks good, I like that meatballs also but don’t normally buy it when fixing Pho for ourselves, it’s too pricey. 🙂

    1. seeharhed Post author

      Yes Nye, the carrots, onion, ginger and celery are usually used for the base stock. Well, the meatballs are not that expensive, I think that bag cost about $3.99.

  3. Kim

    If you are in San Jose area, you may want to pick up meat balls at Pho Cuong on Berryessa Road. The beef ball comes in a larger size and It costs about $6.00 per pound.


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